Harderwijk (Gld) - Amersfoort (U)

Before we left Harderwijk permanently - for this summer season, that is - we took this atmospheric photo on the evening before departure. As you can see, we were close to the entrance/exit with the Wolderwijd in the background.

  • Eemmouth during the day

    On Monday the 10th of October we left Harderwijk at 10:20AM. We passed the Nijkerkersluis at 12:50PM. This lock was closed from September 26 to October 7 due to maintenance work. That is why we decided not to arrive in Amersfoort at the end of September but at the...

  • Eemmouth at night

    ...beginning of October. After a somewhat boring journey we finally arrived at the mouth of the river Eem where we moored at 2:40PM. A journey of no less than 4 hours and 20 minutes! The photo on the right shows what it looks like at night with a full moon. In one word: atmospheric.

The next morning, on Tuesday, October 11, while we were still in bed, we were startled at 7:30AM by a freighter passing at full speed. We were literally shaken awake and heard a loud bang. When we looked outside (still in nightclothes) we found that the rear of our ship had come loose and drifted towards the middle of the river. Fortunately, the front remained attached to the relevant post and the rear slowly drifted back to the bank. After we assessed the 'damage', the pole to which we had attached the stern of our ship turned out to be broken(!). See the picture. It is conceivable that the pole in question was rotten. That does not alter the fact that the skipper of the passing boat misbehaved greatly...

  • Nice weather, and a beautiful river Eem

    On Tuesday, October 11, 2022 we left our overnight stay at the mouth of the Eem at 9:20AM. More or less rushed, because of the chance madman like that morning would come along again. The weather was great, judging by the photo on the left.

  • Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren ('Lange Jan') in picture

    In the photo on the right, about 1/4 from the left, you can see Amersfoort's Onze Lieve Vrouwentoren ('Lange Jan'/’Long John’ in popular speech). When this tower (the 3rd highest in The Netherlands) comes into view, it is clear that we are almost back in Amersfoort.

  • Hebbes (I)

    In the meantime 'Hebbes' is ready for...

  • Hebbes (II)

    ...the winter. Do you see the difference?

  • ‘Het labyrint van verlangen’ ('The maze of desire') (Floris Alkemade)

    Last summer, some nice fantasies came to life in our area. These...

  • 'Heemtuin' ('Botanical(?) Garden') (André Pielage)

    ...are two examples - and one more will follow. See below.

  • Autumn (I)

    When we walk the dog, it gives us the chance to enjoy the beauty that autumn has to offer (colours!).

  • Autumn (II)

    The tree in particular reminded us of our ‘leaf peeping’-vacation in New England some 12 years ago.

In Plantsoen Oost we noticed this fantasy, called 'ATMosphere'. The makers/inventors are Antal Bos, Marisja Smit and Thijs Trompert. The first letter of their first names is incorporated in the name of this fantasy in brick. Thijs is the first son of one of the co-wintering people; Marisja Smit is his girlfriend/partner. Antal Bos (M) is the third member of the ATM ATMosphere and of course just as important as the other two. An artillery (?) tower from the former city defenses is used as a base. The brick type is Alems Rood HV WF. (In case you want to know.)



Engine ran this season over 130 hours. (We remember 400 hours from our narrowboat-era.)


Generator this season almost 65 hours.


Both engine and generator will have their well deserved new oil and filters before we leave for next season.


Weather: What can you say? We’re in The Netherlands – that country, next to the sea, has a temperate maritime climate. We’re more than happy with it.


Hope to see you all again next SEASON!


16.10.2022 13:56

Tineke H.

En dan nog even en Amersfoort in zicht
De laatste foto: ongelooflijk!!!!!

16.10.2022 20:51

Diny & Simon

Dankjewel, Tineke! Tot gauw 😍.