Rotterdam / Keukenhof

Blessed by superior weather (climate change is a proven Chinese hoax, you know) we lately visited the exciting city of Rotterdam as well as the most beautiful springtime-park in the world, being 'Keukenhof' ( We are still in doubt which one of these two deserves a full blog. Therefore this time only one picture of both of them. Later on a full page. So: watch this space!

On Friday the 17th of March 2017 the two of us, a sister (in law) and her daughter visited the exciting city of Rotterdam - our niece proving to be a real local expert. It was higly interesting - to say the least.

Tuesday the 28th of March (again) the two of us, accompanied by a friend from the UK, visited the stunningly beautiful park 'Keukenhof'. The theme during 2017 is Dutch Design - think 'De Stijl', Mondri(a)an, Rietveld and so on. The two female members of our little company are checking the hyacinths here, as one can see a detail of a 'De Stijl'-inspired composition. See you soon!