Waulsort (unchanged)

Still in Waulsort last week, and unchanged fairly humid weather-conditions. That makes for this kind of scenes in the early evening.

More of the same, but pretty anyway. This happened a few times last week.

And a final one. It has been water everywhere during last month – within the river itself as well as on top of it.

Last Wednesday a heavy glass filled with a Campari-Lemonade mix -for the curious ones: not 50/50, we’re not that kind of boozers- slipped out of a carrying hand and fell down onto a glass plate that covered our little table. The drinking glass survived (not its contents!), unlike the glass plate on top of the table. Here’s a picture of a part of the plate. On the Internet we found a company near Dinant, at a distance of some 13,5 kilometers (8,5 miles) from where we are. We wrote on Thursday: “Monsieur/Madame, Une plaque de verre sur notre petite table (photo 1) est cassé. Donc, nous voulons une nouvelle. Les mesures: longueur 81 cm, largeur 61 cm, épaisseur 5 mm (ou 6 mm). Au coins arrondis s.v.p. - pas comme l'ancienne, mais comme la forme de la pièce de papier, collé sus une pièce de verre cassé (photo 2). Et avec des bords poli s.v.p. Notre questions: (a) est-ce-que c'est possible a faire une nouveau plaque de verre; (b) si oui, combien est votre prix, TVA inclusive; (c) combien des jours nous pouvons attendre (nous sommes en route avec notre bateau, maintenant a Waulsort)? Cordialement,…”. (Did we pass, Sascha and Arlette??)

As a result we were able, helped by a friendly car-owning neighbour, to pick up a new glass plate. This is what it looks like (again). Not any different to the past! Therefore our conclusion, without any reservation, is that some years living in France makes some difference when forced to communicate in French. Next to that there’s always the dictionary but above all: our female half.

We’ve paid for one month, starting the 28th of May. Therefore we have to leave not later than coming Tuesday. A less attractive alternative, of course, is paying extra money. The weather-forecast for the week ahead is not too bad, the river Meuse has been re-opened for pleasure-crafts since last Thursday, so we plan to leave coming Tuesday, exactly a month after arriving. This means: cleaning our little ship. We divide this in two days, today and tomorrow. It’s quite a job, hardly do-able in one day for people of our age. Know your limits!

Detail of our dirty ship before cleaning…

…and after. We assume you’ll notice the difference.

It’s Sunday the 26th of June 2016 today, 3:40PM. The European Championship Football is on the telly. France against Ireland (the republic that is). There’s a history to this clash – the experts know! France is trailing Ireland 1-0. Exciting! We’re going to watch now. Bye bye. (The Netherlands is absent. One of only a few! It’s a crying shame! We now fancy the Belgians and the English.)