Maastricht - Oost-Maarland (Eijsden)

Last Monday, the 25th of April, we moved from Maastricht’s marina “’t Bassin” back onto the river Maas (Meuse). Yes indeed, spot on, you’re absolutely right, we are calculating Dutch people. The weather was close to horrible for another 4 to 6 days. This picture was made on Tuesday when it even snowed! We decided to stay inside and did not regret that decision for one single second.

Wednesday the 27th, traditional King’s Day. In 2014 it replaced the former Queen’s Day on the 30th of April. (Some people still do not realize that and dress up 3 days late. Poor sods!) Just for promotional reasons we offer you all, especially our republican ‘fans’, a nice picture of the Dutch royal family. It’s King Willem-Alexander (49), queen Maxima (44) and, from left to right, the three princesses Alexia (10), Ariane (9) and (crown princess Catharina-)Amalia (12). © ANP.

Although the people of the southern Netherlands seem to be less involved with the traditional big party that’s set up north of the big rivers -well, they have got Carnival, haven’t they?- it was sad to see that the horrible weather spoilt the party almost entirely. This picture was taken on Maastricht’s Vrijthof, under normal circumstances bustling with activities. All red, white, blue and orange – and virtually no-one to be seen.

Although this is a picture of some days later, due to a slow reacting mind after much suffering because of low temperatures, the room-temperature as shown here (14C) was ‘normal’ for several days…

…so we started using our solid fuel stove again – though temporarily, because our central heating system is upgraded and now our main system. To use the central heating system, however, electricity is needed too and we were no longer connected to the mains. A backup like our stove comes in very handy under these circumstances. Its effect is felt within minutes!

Without us knowing a family-member made this picture when passing our little ship. It shows what it looks like on the outside just after we have lighted our stove. The picture dates from the 27th of April, honestly – not what it looks like, say the 13th of January to pick just a date. © Rob Geelen.

Meuse's current

Of course the heavy rainfall during several days caused an increased current. This video hopefully gives a good impression of what that looks like. We did not fall overboard – lucky us.

On Thursday, we seem to remember, the ‘wall’ in the river Maas was ‘sold out’ for the first time. To our mind that was interesting enough to immortalize it. An attentive observer will notice the extra rope that we used at the front of our ship because of the strong current. We appreciate an uninterrupted night’s rest!

The view towards the front of our ship at night with the Sint-Servaasbrug in the foreground. Enchanting isn’t it?

A change of subject now. Today, (Sunday) the 1st of May, it’s the birthday of one of us – the male half. When we were still in Antwerp he examined the window of a shop that sells all kind of little figures of cartoon characters and the likes – think Suske en Wiske (Spike and Suzy). He very much liked several of them, more specifically the one pictured here. It’s anyone’s guess why especially this one. Surprise!! This morning he unpacked his birthday-present and this is what emerged. It’s based upon cartoons made by the French illustrator and cartoonist Albert Dubout (1905-1976). For more about him see

At long last this morning we left Maastricht at 11:20AM to plan to go upstream for a challenging 6,5 lock-free kilometers (4 miles) towards Jachthaven (Marina) Portofino at Oost-Maarland (Eijsden), virtually the most southern place in The Netherlands. See We arrived after not a lot more than an hour and moored at the head/front/outside of the central pontoon which means that we enjoy occupying the double length of a ‘cruiser-berth’.

The same place as seen from another angle. It’s just that we like to show what it looks like. We are really pleased – the use of electricity and availability of water included. We missed both of it for six days. That’s far from a disaster – but it’s luxury when it’s there.

The panorama as seen from our ship. Marvelous! Bye for now.