Much appreciated visitors

Yesterday and today, Sunday the 13th of March 2016, we were visited by four cherished former employees (nineties), respectively colleagues (noughties), three females, one male. Here they are, together with their spouses. And, of course, us. Some room was created between our male half and the father of a lovely 4-year old, but he preferred to remain anonymous. (For the calculators: two of the four are a married couple now, hence eight altogether.) Self-evidently we spent our time chatting, laughing, sight-seeing, eating and drinking. Therefore, folks, there was no room to create an extensive blog this week. Sorry! We'll try to do better about the next week, although our youngest grandson will be with us during the coming week-end. Besides being very funny/entertaining he’s pretty time-consuming at the same time. Only time will tell what we can do. Bye for now.