February 2018

In February we have been to Spain -to be precise Nerja, 50 kilometers/31 miles east of Málaga- from the 16th to the 21st, both days not really included because our flights -Amsterdam-Málaga v.v. by Transavia- left late (to) and early (from) respectively. We visited an overwintering brother (in law) and his partner. A highlight was a visit to the Alhambra, the Moorish palace/fortress in Granada, situated north/north-east from Nerja.

Inside this impressive complex one sees loads of beautiful maintained gardens, like this one, though we felt slightly worried about the buxus (boxwood) hedges.

An orange-tree in the middle of winter. Stunning!

Here’s the highest tower of the entire palace/fortress…

…offering amazing views of the city of Granada. This is just one example.

  • Loophole

    When climbing down this loophole was transformed into a peephole, as proven by the picture on the right.

  • Sunbathing

    Only the two male members of our little company of four climbed the tall tower. The female members preferred to spend the time on a bench in the sun.

The month has been extremely cold. We preferred to remain inside as much as we could. This view from inside proves us right. It’s a grim environment in Amersfoort, well Western Europe, at present.

We ‘fled’ Amersfoort again on the 23rd, to be on the island of Texel for a few nights – together with a dear couple. As we did forget to take pictures this is one we borrowed from the site of the hotel we stayed, the Havenhotel Texel (https://www.havenhoteltexel.nl/).

This was our room. Another picture from the hotel site. They won’t mind we suppose, it’s a form of advertising, isn’t it? We had a great time together, even visited a third couple that own a holiday-bungalow at the island. It was still bitterly cold, mainly caused by the wind. The old hotel-building was not entirely wind-proof and completely unprotected. So you can imagine… (It has been the coldest February since decades.)

  • Ice on the Eem (I – n/ne)

    Last Friday the river was all frozen over...

  • Ice on the Eem (II – s/sw)

    ...though still too dangerous to step onto the ice.

  • Ice-skating (I)

    We are told that the last time one could skate on the river was in 2010, a “flippin’” 8 years ago. This was Saturday the 3rd of March.

  • Ice-skating (II)

    It was even possible to skate underneath the bridge, which indicates the real low temperature (nearing -10°C) – especially during the night.

Next to our little ship the crack in the ice meant the ‘limit of skating’. Behind it, caused by the high wind the days before, the river was not entirely frozen over.

Yesterday, still Saturday the 3rd of March 2018, we enjoyed a burning wood-stove for the first time since, err, the beginning of 2016 – after we left Antwerp. The chimney had fallen victim to a storm last summer(!). Therefore we had to wait for the installation of a new chimney until last Friday. The burning stove was real magic. And the temperature a modest 23°C – no sweater needed!

  • Thaw (I)

    Early, very early, this morning skating was still possible. After that the sun, combined with a ‘high’ temperature (it really felt like spring all of a sudden), did its...

  • Thaw (II)

    ...very effective job. Spring must be on its way. Inevitably. Bye for now – hope to publish a new blog again the first Sunday of April, being the 1st. (No joke.)