Gent (III) - painting & flags

Three weeks ago we’ve been to Brugge in order to improve our little ship, welding two extra bollards included. Perhaps you remember what it looked like when still in red(dish) primer. Here’s one in shiny blue – even shinier than the other, original, blue parts. An overall repaint is lurking around the corner…

The paintwork was done by the only indispensable sailor on board, representing 50% of the entire crew. (To avoid misunderstandings: the only indispensable MALE person.) He has even got an overall!

We bought a load of new flags too. That was a number one priority because the old ones were both faded and frayed. In short, in a state of shameful deterioration. We now fly the European (with a small Dutch flag in the upper inside corner), Province of Utrecht (next best after its capital, the town with the same name), British (ensign, because of the registration of our ship) and Belgian flag – the last one self-evidently because we enjoy Belgian hospitality at the moment. There’s more stored: French and German, if needed. And a few frivolous ones, in case we run out of possibilities. The only one that is lacking is the DBA-pennant. We could not lay a hand on a new one yet. Sorry DBA!

A part of the results of our, and other ones, recent efforts is clearly visible here. There are two solar panels and a flagpole-tube(?), the latter at long last holding a proper Dutch flag proudly flying.

As from today (Sunday the 11th of October 2015) we have visitors. First a very dear friend from the UK for a week, followed up by our two even dearer grandsons next week. So there’s not a lot of room for an extensive blog page this week nor the week hereafter. You will not be abandoned though. Never! Bye for now.