Ode à La Marne

La Marne

The river Marne was the icing on the cake last summer. That’s why there is a bit belated ‘Ode à La Marne’ this week. We realize this short video is not all that spectacular. It gives the viewer, nevertheless, an opportunity to cruise with us for a while, thus getting an idea of the tranquility of the beautiful river Marne.

The overnight mooring at Nogent l’Artaud was shown before, week 34, 2nd picture – although not exactly the same. (Like real professionals (hmm) we always shoot more than one.) The late afternoon-sun had a gorgeous effect on the colours so we just had to include this one again.

Here’s the view of the opposite bank when moored at Nogent l’Artaud. Well, see for yourself.

There’s really a never ending deluge of panoramic views. Vineyards are visible in the distance…

…and half an hour or so later next to us. Looking at the house of a Champagne-grower it must be a prosperous business.

Mezy-Moulins was shown to you before as well, week 34, 8th picture. Again, not exactly the same. It was one of those unexpected possibilities for an overnight stay in the midst of a magnificent area.

A picture of the view when approaching a Marne-lock – going upstream, for the novices. It is typical for La Marne that, most of the time, the locks are not protected from the wear-stream. Sometimes one needs a bit of (controlled) aggression to prevent the ship from being pushed away by the side-current just in front of a lock.

Another panoramic view, this time chosen because of the impressive clouds-formations.

Close to what later on turned out to be our end-destination, Reuil (pronounce ‘Roy’, we’re told – logical, or what?), we had to wait in front of the last lock because of some mechanical problem (the lock, that was). Who cares when both weather and view are like this?? See also week 34, the 15th picture.

Here’s the gorgeous ‘halte fluvial’ of Reuil - almost the same as picture 16, part of week 34, but just too beautiful to skip it. We stayed there four nights and were unfortunately pestered every day by three boys, led by the oldest one, a real yob-in-the-making. It could therefore even have been better…

When at Reuil this floating catamaran-like motorized and covered raft passed us at a considerable speed. Both men aboard seemed 100% relaxed and waved merrily at us. We do not think this is a good solution for overwintering, so we still prefer not to swap our ship for theirs! Bye for now, we hope you enjoyed once more this impression of a real gem of a river.