Artaix (Le Bassin)

Not much to tell about this week, dear reader, as we are still at Artaix’s ‘Le Bassin’. Therefore once more a picture of the space where we are currently living – this time from the opposite site.

View to the south-west, as seen from where we are. This one is taken in the morning, when the ever present sun forces all humidity from the night to evaporate.

At sunset it looks like this.

Especially during daytime the temperature is still at summer-level, making people BBQ-minded. This party was held on Saturday the 18th of October on the opposite bank of ‘Le Bassin’.

When the fridge starts showing large empty spaces it’s time to go shopping. We did that by bike in a place called Marcigny, at a distance of some 4 to 4,5 kilometers (2,5 miles or a bit more). When entering the town a supermarket with the slightly aggressive sounding name of ‘Atac’ is to be found. (Apart from Bourgogne the Atacs are renamed Simply Market, like at Roanne. They all belong to the Auchan Group. At all Auchan supermarkets very good salted ‘cacahuètes* geants’ are for sale, to our captain’s delight.) From where we are Marcigny is situated beyond Le canal latéral de Roanne à Digoin as well as La Loire. This is the bridge spanning La Loire with Marcigny visible in the distance. (*peanuts)

A view from the bridge looking downstream. The river is not all that high, but she is absolutely fast flowing. In the background the village of Chambilly is visible. Closer to our floating home but unfortunately hardly any to no shops. That’s not surprising and a sad thing at the same time.

Le canal latéral de Roanne à Digoin, seen from ‘Le Bassin’, looking towards the south. This picture, and the next three, are all about autumn and the stunningly beautiful views to be enjoyed where we are at present.

View towards the south-west again, this time with a better picture of the pastures and the west side of the Loire-valley.

Picture of the west side of ‘Le Bassin’, a tiny bit of the latter just visible between the tree trunks in the foreground.

Autumn colours and a low sun. The two never fail to create a gorgeous combination.

Artaix - Le canal latéral de Roanne à Digoin & Le Basin

A short video, even less than 90 seconds, of the canal and ‘Le Bassin’ – as seen from the opposite bank of the canal. This video, together with the last 4 pictures, are made as recent as this morning, Sunday the 19th of October 2014. The weather continues to be absolutely summer-like, everyone is sitting outside (except the creators of a blog page, of course) and the place is popular with fishermen, BBQ-ers, boats, campervans, a caravan and even a pique-nicking elderly couple alike. All (four) boats are owned by people on the way to their winter mooring in the Port de Roanne. No one is in a hurry, as the spot is gorgeous and for free. Roanne is less gorgeous, urbanized and not for free, but a lot more convenient. To make a long story short: ideal for the winter (Roanne we mean). Next week probably a bit more adventurous story. Bye for now.