This extra blog page is dedicated only to the magical city of Paris. See the page before this extra one also.

Pont Mirabeau – Tour Eiffel.

Statue of Liberty – Tour Eiffel.

Tour Eiffel.

Pont Alexandre III.

Musée d’Orsay.

Traces of the great Napoléon I are to be found everywhere.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

‘Hebbes’ (blue wheelhouse-roof) moored at Port de l’Arsenal.

View from mooring spot towards overground part of métro station Bastille and the top of La colonne de Juillet.

La colonne de Juillet by night in its full length.

One day, while walking in the underground part of métro station Bastille we heard an oboe playing. After finding the player and introducing ourselves it appeared to be an Ukrainian guy by the name of Oleg Yugan. (He apologised for the plane-disaster over Ukrain and assured us that his people regret it as much as any other person.) We bought one CD from him, only € 10,00. He gave away a second one for free. We bought also two double reeds. He informed us about a company in Paris, specialized for the baroque-oboe. The name of that company was supposed to be Bartollo, close to métro station Place de Clichy. We went there and eventually found the right shop, being Berthelot, Rue de Calais. Thank you so much, Oleg, and good luck!

Montmartre (I). A shop that only sells angels, any size, form and colour. One of us bought one – Christmas is nearing!

Montmartre (II). Rue des Martyrs. Once our daughter lived for a year in this street.

Montmartre (III). Just another street view. (Heineken!)

Montmartre (IV). Paris seen from up high.

Montmartre (V). A female singer, in front of the outside café we were sitting.

Montmartre (VI). Place du Tertre.

Montmartre (VII). Leaving by using the flight of steps. (When going up we used the Funiculaire…)

Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Starting and finishing point: l’Arc de Triomphe.

Close to Le Centre Pompidou there's this bookshop with the funny name ‘Mona Lisait’.

Last night, having dinner outside at the Falstaff-Café, Place de la Bastille.