l'École de Nancy 2

This week we’ll show you some interiors from the Art Nouveau era. Beautiful and elegant – as always. For a start several types of rooms, this living room being the ‘Salon aux Ombelles’ (canapé, deux fauteuils, banc), created in 1901 by Camille Gauthier (1870-1963), with the collaboration of Auguste Poinsignon (1876-1915). Some fine details hopefully are still visible.

This composition of furniture is decorated with water lilies (ensemble aux nénuphars). It was all created in 1900 and 1902 by Louis(-Jean-Sylvestre) Majorelle (1859-1926), an important member of the artists, known as L’École de Nancy. Perhaps more about him later.

Here’s the ‘Çabinet de Travail Masson’ (bureau avec son fauteuil, bibliothèque, cartonnier, banc, fauteuils et chaises). This beautiful office was created by Jacques Grüber (1870-1936) in 1903-1904. Jacques Grüber is better known as a creator of stained glass-panels and –windows (French: verrier, English: glazier(??)). More about the Art Nouveau glass-art later on.

If called ‘amazing’ it would be an understatement for this awesome dining room. Created between 1903 and 1906 by Eugène Vallin (1856-1922), with the collaboration of Victor Prouvé (1858-1943). Descibed as ‘Salle à manger Masson’ one suspects that Monsieur Masson (see the 3rd picture) must have been a successful businessman.

There he is again. Louis Majorelle, this time with an amazing bedroom. And this is only more or less half of it – see the next picture.

The other half. It was all too chic not to show you the other half. Sleeping in here must have felt as a privilege…

Just a bed and some accessories, all made by Émile André (1871-1933) around 1902. Apart from this form of art, André was an important architect for the city of Nancy too.

One last bed to end with, this time created by Émile Gallé (1846-1904) in 1904. He was a very important Art Nouveau artist – possibly more about him later.

The river Loire on Sunday the 9th of February. A sleeping giant, so to speak, as we’ve seen traces of a possible level of 3 meters (10 foot) higher than at present. So far she has been absolutely friendly this winter. (And the weather was gorgious.)