Spring (almost)

Unfortunately we've (again) lost our Microsoft Office-program... That causes a lot of trouble making a new blog-page, as Office Word is an almost irreplaceble part of the available tools. And, to be honest, the almost spring-like weather was too tempting not to have an extensive walk instead of creating a new blog-page. A new Microsoft Office-program is ordered and Amazon France suggest it will be delivered the 4th of February. So next week a full blog-page will be available again! Today we show you a picture that not only proves the fabulous weather but shows all the new flags that recently are installed. A necessity because mother nature had reduced the former display of flags to a pitiful collection of rags. From left to right: (vacancy), Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Austria, Scotland, Switzerland, United States, Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Europe, Germany and Australia. Most, if not all, nationalities are represented here. Although we are deep inside France the most common language in our Port seems to be English. For those who want to improve their French there is only one solution, being going into town and mix with the French!

La Loire on Sunday the 2nd of February 2014. Level not far above normal - current pretty fast.