Rivers are fun!

This picture was taken on Sunday the 3rd of February. Although our pontoon is still over a foot above water level the river Loing had risen substantially after a long period of rain. Just out of precaution we slackened the ropes a little bit anyway before going to sleep because we know by experience that rivers can be pretty fickle…

Not completely unexpected the water level had continued coming up during the night and this was the situation this morning, Monday the 4th of February. Our neighbour’s pontoon is already submerged.

In the early afternoon we had to get out shopping. As you can see, we needed the wellies! Note the level of the water on the pontoon and compare it to the level when we returned – a few hours later.

A picture of three boats, moored together. Our higher part of the pontoon is not submerged. Not yet that is.

As you can see the walkway along the river is submerged too.

This medieval bridge stands firm. It has been worse in the past. Far more worse… Comparatively speaking this is peanuts for a genuine bridge. (Not for us though…)

It is absolutely safe to say that some gallons (even per split second) are coming over the weir.

For how long will this tree trunk be capable of resisting the almost aggressive power of the water?

When we came back from shopping the water level had risen again – see the third picture. Close to the edge of the pontoon there was only half an inch left to prevent the water entering the wellies. Brrrrrr.

Today, Monday the 4th of February, 5:45 PM. Yes, our pontoon is submerged also. The safety chain became too tight and had to get unattached to prevent it causing damage. Two (blue) fenders protect us from the two posts. We sincerely hope that the posts are high enough or we’ll end up on top of the pontoon!!