Today, Monday the 26th of November in the year 2012, we visited the supermarket Carrefour in Avon, next to Fontainebleau. "What's so special about that?" we can hear you ask. Well, nothing normally but this time events took a completely unexpected direction, which made us postpone our initial subject for another week.....

After having selected some bananas (an important little job), Simon tried to move towards Diny. Unfortunately the first step ended up in the middle of an unnoticed dirty, slippery part of the surface. Banana peel?? We'll never know, no such thing was to be seen. Only a sort of gunge on the floor. He lost his balance immediately, crashed onto the floor, slided forward and was abruptly stopped by banging his head against the pretty sharp edge of a pallet. Bang!!

There's the pitiful victim, taken care of by a friendly Carrefour-lady. Blood on the floor - a head always knows how to bleed! This really looks like a boxer on his knees after having taken a final blow - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6..... Diny, like a really professional, kept making pictures. She is just unflappable.

While waiting for the ambulance the Carrefour-people wrapped the victim in a sort of tin foil, to avoid him getting cold. And asking questions: "are you cold", "do you feel dizzy", things like that. Diny thought that her husband showed a high degree of similarity to a Christmas present. Who woudn't want a funny wife like her?

The ambulance transported the casualty, accompanied by his wife, to Fontainebleau Hospital where he was put into a certain type of wheelchair. A normal waiting room chair is out of bounds, as the wounded possibly could pass out in which case the armchairs keep him from falling onto the floor. Ha!, there was no fainting. The chair was comfortable, though.


.....and after treatment. We had been 3,5 hours in the hospital, blood was taken for research, Simon's beautiful 'coupe' was ruined, six stitches were applied and a tetanus injection given. What a day!