Ramsgate - Calais

Tuesday 4 September 2012, 7:50AM. Goodbye good old England! We'll remain Anglophiles forever and will certainly be back on occasions.

France we are on the way! Hopefully the radar reflector will protect us from the big boys!

Peter used his binoculars and informed us that "they just put the kettle on".

The ferries are huge and fast! Meeting them was exciting.


Making turns in front of Calais harbour entrance because of arriving and departing ferries.

Entering Calais Harbour. It was smooth most of the ride, but the last hour a combination of the wind, the current and the wash of the ferries knocked us severely around.

Port de Plaisance in Calais. We moored there after a journey of 5,5 hours. The sill keeps the water in the Port at low tide.