Warstiens – Franeker/Frjentsjer

Last week we ended up at a free mooring spot ‘in the middle of nowhere’, close to a little village, named Warstiens – part of the town of Leeuwarden/Ljouwert. When we left on Monday the 30th of April at 10:16AM we were able to make a picture of the Warstiens-hamlet. This is what it looks like. Charming, or what??

Later that morning we had a short stop, close to Warga/Wergea to do some basic shopping. Rainy weather and no company – apart from a flock of sheep, as this picture proves. Since this stop is not for free after 5:00PM, we left after 3½ hours, looking for a free space to stay overnight.

  • Trouble on its way

    At 2:56PM we moored near Warga/Wergea under horrible circumstances, as far as the weather’s concerned. Believe it or not, the left picture was the starboard-side...

  • Friendlier picture

    ...view at 8:14PM; the right picture was the portside-view at 8:16PM. The same evening, in case someone wonders. Volatile circumstances one might say.

Another one, taken the 30th of April at 9:01PM. Too beautiful, or maybe ‘too Dutch’, to skip it.

  • 30.04.2018 – 8:17PM

    More or less the same view. We stayed on this spot for two...

  • 02.05.2018 10:22AM

    ...nights. The weather improved sensationally after the 1st of May.

The already indicated weather-conditions offer all kinds of views. This is the sunset on the 1st of May, 9:19PM.

Cruising house-boat

As stated before we enjoyed staying near Warga/Wergea for two nights. The second day of May we left at 10:00AM sharp. While underway towards Leeuwarden/Ljouwert-centre, one of the things that caught our eyes was this cruising house-boat. It’s a catamaran-type floating thing that’s rented out to anyone interested. It must be fun – we think.

Leeuwarden/Ljouwert was entered not long after 11:15AM. After paying € 7,00 for operating all the city's bridges one’s allowed to moor anywhere in Leeuwarden’s/Ljouwert’s Wester- or Noorderstadsgracht (Westerly or Northerly City-moat). We ended up exactly in the bend where the name changes and stopped the engine at 12:16PM. This is what it looked like. Summery, although the wind was still a bit chilly.

Though Pisa has by far the most famous leaning tower, Leeuwarden/Ljouwert has one, too. The tower’s name is Oldehove, situated close to where we lived during 3 nights. More about this interesting building via the link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oldehove_(tower).

  • Socializing

    Close to where we were moored there’s a Art Nouveau/Deco-style bench, used by a group of elderly male city-inhabitants, either arriving walking, by bicycle, zimmer frame, mobility scooter or even a real scooter. Could this be a part of the future for one of us??

  • Surprise

    In front of where we were moored a man walked not his dog – or even cat, no, he walked his... rabbit. Rabbit? Yes, rabbit. Even a stroller was part of the man’s equipment. This rabbit must enjoy an enviable style of life – without fear to being gobbled up around Christmas…

This sign, seen in Leeuwarden/Ljouwert, tells us ‘selling-off, entire shop, half-price or more’. Or more??? They certainly must have meant ‘or less’, wouldn’t you think? Or could it be an ultimate attempt to make a few extra euro’s?

To our delight, when being in Leeuwarden/Ljouwert we were visited by our daughter and her youngest son. That was why we stayed an extra night/day. They left us at the 4th, followed by us on the 5th, in the direction of Harlingen/Harns, where our little ship will be lifted out of the water for maintenance. We left at 11:10AM and entered the Van Harinxmakanaal around noon. The village of Deinum came in sight almost half an hour later. We pictured its striking church-tower, with the Dutch Tricolor proudly waving in its top. The 5th of May is Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day) in The Netherlands.

This farmer, somewhere near Dronrijp/Dronryp, obviously does not want to be dependant on outside sources for energy. A wise decision, we’d say. And the type of the farm is called Kop-Hals-Romp. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frisian_farmhouse.

No special remarks here, It’s just 1000% Dutch. Keywords: fence, meadow, grass, trees, green, flat, cows, mill, village, farmhouse, tower. We love it.

Franeker/Frjenstjer appeared to be our present overnight stop, before reaching our destination, being Harlingen. We stopped the engine at 1:54PM and moored in the position as shown by this pictue. The weather: still glorious.

  • Franeker’s/Frjenstjer’s Nieuwe Hof (I)

    Franeker is a picturesque little town cut through by lovely small canals. Since we are here only for a short period we are unable to tell you more about the town. Except for one thing. Once the town was a university town (1585 – 1811), see for more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Franeker. It was the second oldest...

  • Franeker’s/Frjenstjer’s Nieuwe Hof (II)

    ...one, founded only ten years after Leiden! The left picture is one without cars; the right one with cars (and the canal.) Tomorrow, Monday the 7th of May 2018, our ship will be lifted out of the water for maintenance – in Harlingen/Harns. It will be busy. Therefore, apologies in advance if we cannot do a lot about next week’s blog. Bye for now.


07.05.2018 06:02


De originele advertentie was natuurlijk "50% of meer"🤔. Prachtige Hollandse plaatjes weer.

07.05.2018 21:20

Diny & Simon

Zeg, je suggereert toch niet dat de Ljouwerdenaren het %-teken niet kennen ?? Enne, ja 't is allemachtig prachtig.