SRF - Scheepsbouw & Reparatie Friesland (Harlingen/Harns, Friesland)

Today we’ll go down memory lane a little bit. After arriving on the 7th of May our ship was lifted out on the 8th and high pressure washed. After that a first layer of aluminium primer was applied. Alas, the thick layer of tar, dating from 5 years back (Migennes, France) unexpectedly repelled the primer, in particular above the water-line… (11.05.2018)

  • 16.05.2018

    …necessitating to scrape off the entire upper-part of the ship by hand(!), followed by treatment of the...

  • 19.05.2018

    ...scraped-off part with thinner – thus bringing the upper part of the ship back to almost bare steel again.

Bear in mind that the extra work was unexpected and that there were days off like Ascension Day (+ the Friday thereafter) and both Whitsun Days (2 in The Netherlands). Therefore, apart from the weekends, 4 working days were cancelled out during our stay. Anyway, after finishing the described ‘Sisyphus-job’ at long last the first of two layers of aluminium primer was applied… (23.05.2018)

…followed by the first layer of high build, being the black stuff (no tar, never again!!), done on the 24th of May.

The next day, the 25th of May 2018, was one with quickly consecutive events, the first being the application of the (first layer of) red coloured anti-fouling.

After marking the limit of both black and red by taping up the job was eventually finished – and this the result. Isn’t she a beauty again?

We just couldn’t get enough of the sight. So here you see another picture of her attractive bum. It’s almost a shame to put her back in the not-so-clear canal-water.

Back to her natural environment

That same 25th of May she was transported back towards the water. What you see obviously is the wrong direction, due to the necessary manoeuvring before going towards the mighty boat-lift.

Here the ship is already free from the trestle -on top of which she had been for almost three weeks- and hanging in the straps, ready to be lowered into the water again. Note the new anode, more of them visible on the pictures 6 and 7. After entering the water a minor hiccup occurred and caused us to remain at the yard during the weekend. What’s an extra 2 days after this long stay. Close to nothing!

Today, Monday the 28th of May 2018 – Leeuwarden. Finally we were able to leave Harlingen at 10:40AM. We moored in Leeuwarden at 1:39PM. Yes, we needed only 3 hours for, say, 24 kilometres/15 miles! Cruising speed over 4 knots an hour, although on our normal revs, being around 1.200 an hour, and even with a firm headwind. Would it be possible that the ship is faster because the smooth underside does not create any resistance???? Doesn’t she look gorgeous in the water? SRF did a great job – we are absolutely happy and would recommend them to anyone. This is it for this week. Hope to meet all of you again next week – most likely coming Sunday again.


01.06.2018 08:13

Nico & Tineke Iseger

Hi Simon, ze ziet er perfect uit. En als dank vaart ze gewoon een stukje sneller. Nu door richting Berlijn? We horen het😜😜 Wij gaan na morgen richting België
Groetjes Nico & Tineke

01.06.2018 14:11

Diny & Simon

...dat is althand het plan. We zijn nu, via het Zuidlaardermeer, bij een plaats die Annerveensche Kanaal heet. (Nooit van gehoord.) Veel plezier in België!!! D&S.

01.06.2018 14:08

Diny & Simon

Dankjewel! Jaja, en de blauwe rand is ook nog in de was gezet! (Niet helemaal het gewenste effect - maar vooruit dan maar.) Nu onderweg naar Berlijn...

31.05.2018 15:54


Ziet er weer top uit, was de moeite waard om op te wachten. Goede vaart.

31.05.2018 17:03

Diny & Simon

Al weer in Grunningen!

29.05.2018 11:35


Mooi hoor! xxx

29.05.2018 12:28

Diny & Simon

We zijn in onze nopjes (rare uitdrukking, eigenlijk).

28.05.2018 12:05

Diny & Simon

Ja hoor, dat is vanmorgen gebeurd. Zie (later) de volledige blog-pagina.

28.05.2018 07:02


Hebbes in volle glorie! Jammer als een kwart weer onder water verdwijnt. 😉