Hempens - Grou(w)

Hempens, close to Leeuwarden/Ljouwert, was left on Monday the 29th of April at 10:55AM. The course is exactly the same -albeit in opposite direction- as we followed in week 15, Grou(w) – Harlingen/Harns, in this case a shorter leg. So there’s not many news… Well, we spotted a stork-couple when cruising the Wargaastervaart/Wergeaster Feart near Warga/Wergea. Here is 50% of them two. They appeared to be too much separated for a picture of both of them. ‘Better half an egg than an empty shell’ in this case is an appropriate Dutch proverb.

We arrived around 12:30PM at our intended destination, being an island within the Pikmeer/Pikmar, close to Grou(w). See the aerial view. Grou(w) is strikingly visible west of the Pikmeer/Pikmar, the latter being the north/western of the lakes. The island we are moored at is just visible inside the lake at the south/east-side of it. Ideal for the dog! He is allowed to run around freely and cannot get lost. © Google Earth. The same spot was occupied in week 14, so in case you’re curious have a look there…

  • Severe showers (I)

    Today, Saturday the 4th of May, we still live next to the island as described with the last picture.

  • Severe showers (II)

    The weather is even somewhat winter-like. See the grimly clouds that are passing, and showering, us.

This is what the lake looked like on Saturday, looking towards the north. The high wind came from the north/west. Cold!

Later in the afternoon, still Saturday, it all looked lovely again…

…but not for long. This was the weather around 5:00PM as (safely) seen from the inside. Even hail-snow came falling down! On the 4th of May! The weather remains very volatile for the coming days. Cold too, no springtime yet.

  • Large us – tiny neighbour

    Any picture can be a bit manipulative. Here are some examples.

  • Large neighbour – tiny us

    When making a choice we, of course, would pick the first one.

Our neighbour’s little ship is such a beauty that she deserves her own picture.

A lot more beauties pass by. What about this little sailing gem?

Jay – our puppy dog

Born on the 3rd of December 2018 Jay now is already 5 months old. It’s a joy to (try to) train him.

Here’s an example of the paths where one can either walk (humans) or run (dogs).

A view over the Pikmeer/Pikmar towards Grou(w).

Compare this to third picture – the right one, that is. Almost the same location – only minutes difference.

  • Cormorants (I)

    Sometimes one’s lucky to be able to catch a flight of birds, cormorants in this case. An amazing thing...

  • Cormorants (II)

    ...about nature always is when realizing that there’s obviously food for all of them!

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 1 hour and 48 minutes (1,8 hours) – only on Monday.   

Generator this week 13 hours and 6 minutes (13,1hours). 'Score' on Sunday the 5th, 2:56PM. The day isn't over yet.

Weather: Monday: mixed overcast and sunny. The other days are not in our log-book, simply because we didn’t cruise. From memory: mixed – windy, rather cold.

Hope to see you next week again!