While in Leeuwarden we took the dog to a fenced-off area. Seemingly 100% perfect. But the terrain was partly very dusty, so we had to shower him afterwards. The pet-bathrobe our daughter gave us was not a 100% success…

The following days we visited a fenced-off area that was slightly further away. At least the dog only got tired – not muddy.

When cruising he’s in his first bench. The thing fits. Still. (He’s got a larger one in the living area.) We protect him from the sun using a towel.

He’s highly interested in a duck here. To our delight he does not jump in the water. Not yet anyway.

Isn’t he ultimately cute?

We have to remove some stuff, coming out of his eyes, on a daily basis.

Some days ago we bought him, furred as he is, a cooling mat. When the sun was warm, even hot, he positioned himself next to it…

Jay gnawing

Enjoying wrecking a little branch as he regularly finds them.

His begging look while preparing our evening-meal is almost irresistible…


09.06.2019 16:26


Kan niet wachten om Jay weer te zien!! Grt Sylvia

16.06.2019 11:51

Diny & Simon

('n Week vertraging....) Ja, het is wat je noemt 'een lekker jochie'.