Bolsward/Boalsert – Heidenschap/It Heidenskip (Fluessen/Fluezen)

Usually the most recent Sunday is included in this blog. Not last week, though, the blog was published in the morning of Sunday the 9th of June 2019 and we left that same afternoon at 1:36. After arriving in Parrega/Parregea at 3:38PM we hoped for an uninterrupted remainder of the afternoon. Well, something around 4:15PM we were startled by a loud ‘bang’. A cruiser-style boat, moored behind us (bum to bum or, in Dutch: kont aan kont) tried to leave and cruised fairly fast backwards(!!) instead of forward. It took all four of us (the two of us and a German couple) some effort to free the cruiser from underneath the pontoon where the bathing platform had jammed because of the force of the impact. Probably we suffered only some paint-damage on the rudder – hopefully no underwater-damage. We do not, however, particularly like the idea of a rusting rudder(-blade). The couple assured us about their willingness to pay for the damage and left, both looking embarrassed and relieved. It appeared to be a hire-boat and we held the hire-firm responsible by sending them an e-mail the same day, our claim illustrated by this picture. When we phoned them two days later they suggested -not very friendly- that the matter was already settled(!), based upon information from their customers. We denied and they reacted by telling us that they should inform their insurer. We still did not receive any reaction up to today, Sunday the 16th of June.

Partly because of the dismay, caused by the described incident, we forgot to make a picture of our mooring-space and surroundings in Parrega/Parregea. However, on Monday the 10th around 5:30PM, a sailing-vessel named Emisa passed by. Normally that’s not very special. In this case the girl hanging on a loose stay was pretty eye-catching.

Parrega/Parregea was left on Thursday the 11th at 9:47AM. After an uneventful cruise -apart from the pouring rain and taking a wrong side-way- we arrived at Workum/Warkum around 11:00AM. One of us has to position our little ship as close to the shore as possible; the other one is the rope-handler. The first task keeps one perfectly dry; the second task soaking wet (in this case anyway). This picture dates from a later time, when the weather had improved.

Workum’s/Warkum’s centre is worth a visit. Old buildings of various style and a lively central square, as shown by this picture.

We stayed 4 (expensive) nights in Workum/Warkum – if only because of the aftermath of our brother (in law)’s passing away. A train-connection to the centre of the country, you know. Anyway, after doing extensive shopping (survival-kit for the next week or so) Workum/Warkum was left on Saturday the 15th at 2:07PM. We reached the vast lake Fluessen/Fluezen later on. That is a real paradise for the sailing community, offering the opportunity to picture one of them. We cruised on a speed of over 4 knots (almost 8 km/u). This sailing-boat easily overtook us, using headwind – that’s to say: slightly diagonally from the front. That’s a spectacular sight all right!

Since 5:12PM on the Saturday we are moored inside the island Nieuwe Kruispolle/Nije Krúspôle, inside the enormous lake Fluessen/Fluezen. This tiny island is visible here in the centre of this picture, just on top of where the line changes its course. With a bit of phantasy the little island is horseshoe-shaped and we are moored at the north-east inside. © Google Earth

This is what it looks like on the inside. We could moor after positioning our little ship outside the poles (they create boxes for the smaller (sailing-)boats), and cruising in reverse into the required position. It’s a fabulous spot – not only for us but for the dog alike.

On closer range here the beauty that is already visible with the last picture - in front of our bow. She’s anchored on the outside of the island. Note the black balloon - an obligatory day-sign for an anchored ship.

Our view yesterday evening, the 15th of June, 9:13 PM. Sunset always creates the best impression. And the gull just finishes it off.

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 4 hours and 48 minutes (4,8 hours).

Generator this week 2 hours and 12 minutes (2,2 hours). Still using this important device today.

Weather: mixed rainy and sunny this week.

Hope to see you next week again!          


16.06.2019 13:19


Hebben eerder een huurder zien stuntelen! Volgens mij in Briare. 😰
Mooie Friese landschapsplaatjes!

16.06.2019 14:12

Diny & Simon

Dat was inderdaad Briare. Maar die miste ons tenminste. Deze (Duïtser) niet.