't Zand - Schagen

  • Rear light 22.06.2019 (Medemblik)

    After arriving at ‘t Zand on the 29th of June we discovered the same day -or a day later- that our rear light was more or less wrecked. Up until today, Saturday the 6th of July, we have no idea when it happened let alone how. We thought that it would be difficult to determine when (about)...

  • Rear light 25.06.2019 (Middenmeer)

    ...it must have happened until we rummaged all the pictures we recently made and found these three. We concluded that it happened after Middenmeer and before (leaving) Den Helder. So far for playing Sherlock Holmes – it did not exactly deliver the solution about when,...

  • Rear light 28.06.2019 Den Helder)

    ...where and how. The damage, by the way, is not all that costly. As the position of this rear light was (and is) considered a vulnerable one it’s a miracle that this didn't happen before. Before is the period between the date of purchase, December 2010, and some weeks ago.

Jay & Suka, a playful pair

One might remember that our young dog met a great playmate (Max, same age) in Middenmeer. This time, in ‘t Zand, there was 5 months young Suka, a Labrador/Stabij crossbred dog – definitely more Labrador. Anyway the two immediately became big friends, as shown by this 30 seconds video. It was a joy to watch them playing.

The ‘t Zand-mooring-spot was ideal for the dog. He could walk free most of the time, us trying to learn him something about obedience. Here he’s seen lying on his cooling-mat, exhausted after playing with his new-found friend.

He loves his master and mistress. That’s definitely a mutual feeling!

On the 4th of July (when in the US ‘enjoyed’ an untraditional military parade) we planned to let the dog get used to a dog-cart. Not to walk underneath it, no, to be transported by it while comfortably sitting or lying inside. To be able to do that the bike-tires had to be inflated. After having completed this the valve of the rear-tire literally exploded with a considerable bang. Well, what’s to expect after 12,5 years. Anyway, this bike was temporarily useless. The protruding part, by the way, is where the dog-cart is being connected to the bike.

There is, however, a second -and similar- bike available, likewise fitted with the same protruding part. The result is shown here. There was no protest or resistance on the dog’s side. He just entered the cart and underwent this new experience in a, gradually familiar to us, unflappable mood. New opportunities for the three of us!

On Friday the 5th of July, after having been at ‘t Zand for 6 nights (naughty, naughty!) we left at 9:45AM and followed in the first instance the Noordhollandsch Kanaal south-/south-westbound. After some 3,5 kilometres (amply over 2 miles) we took the Kanaal Stolpen-Schagen to the south/south-east and reached the Schagen-marina at 11:00AM. Yes, another rather short cruise. Here we are seen at the east-quay of the marina, the area for the bigger ships, not fitting inside the marina-boxes.

This is what it looks like from the opposite side. It is a clear illustration of the reason we’re not inside a box. The boxes are mainly designed for cruiser up to, say, 12 metres.

A last picture this week of Schagen, to give you an impression of the loveliness of this charming little town, situated between Den Helder and Alkmaar in the province of Noord-Holland.

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 1 hour and 12 minutes (1,2 hours).

Generator this week 14 hours and 30 minutes (14,5 hours).

Weather: mostly sunny and warm – not too warm, comfortable.

Hope to see you next week again!               


09.07.2019 16:47


En of dat heklicht nog wordt gerepareerd voordat we weer in Amersfoort belanden is maar zéér de vraag .

08.07.2019 16:26

Tineke Heek

Goed gevonden Nico. Dat is nog eens humor. 🤣🤣

09.07.2019 16:46

Simon & Diny

Zie het nu (in Alkmaar) al. Ach ja, je moet je buren gewoon dulden... Nee hoor, we zijn héél blij met jullie allemaal. Kusjes en knuffels.

07.07.2019 15:55

Simon & Diny

) (Vergeten.)

07.07.2019 11:41


Hi Simo & Diny, een warme groet uit Aeroskobing Denemarken. Dat heklicht is nog prima te gebruiken!! Waxine lichtje op een klein schoteltje. Ducktape er onder en vastplakken. Na 4 of 6 uur vervangen

07.07.2019 15:54

Simon & Diny

...zijn eigen luxueuze hondenkar. 't Was een openbaring voor alle betrokkenen.

07.07.2019 15:53

Simon & Diny

En nu effe serieus. Dat was een typische Nico-reactie. Leuk, maar je hebt er geen bal aan. Haha. Warme groet terug uit Schagen. (Vanmiddag hebben we een flinke fietstocht gemaakt met de hond in...

07.07.2019 15:51

Simon & Diny

Ken ik u???