Last Thursday, the 15th of August 2019, our daughter, son-in-law and their lovely Australian Shepherd Macy came to visit us – more specifically our own ‘Aussie’ Jay, for playing the two dogs together in a field in an adjacent town, being Harmelen. They were put in a car and brought together to the intended dog-area, where the two played extensively. © Sascha Mocking-Oost

Jay did swim twice that afternoon. Not 100% voluntarily but he was very well capable of swimming and climbing back ashore. This is what he looked like after a swimming-session, followed by severely shaking the water out of his fur. © Sascha Mocking-Oost

After his girl-friend Macy (we call her his auntie) said goodbye he looked at her from inside as long as he could. Note his soiled paws, not to mention the smell he spread! Time for a shower. © Sascha Mocking-Oost

The next day we did put him in the shower, shampooed him and tried to dry his fur with a large towel. The scoundrel (positively meant) escaped and changed, by shaking intensively, our bathroom into a 100% wet-room. He’s hardly photographable when severely shaking.

Afterwards he tried to dry himself by using the carpet as a towel. Notwithstanding all the fuzz he creates he’s utterly lovable and funny.

Are they after me again??

This morning, Saturday the 17th. Clean paws, a clean body, not smelling anymore and all fluffy. His mistress writing her weekly letter to a family-member.