Woerden - Utrecht

Today, Sunday the 1st of September, we forgot to save the text we already made for the blog. It's quiet some work, as research is an important part of it. All of a sudden most of the text was gone. Gone forever - as was all the effort put in it. We only said something like @#$%^&*!!! Afterwards we were unable to produce the energy to do it all over again. So this time you'll have to do with a minimal text. Perhaps you even like that better than a load of information, who can tell...

Manually operated bridge

A leftover from Woerden to start with, this week. Most bridges are electrically powered and often serviced from a distance, using cameras. The entrance/exit to/from Woerden’s marina is still serviced by a manually operated bridge. We left on Sunday the 18th of August 2019 with our guests Barry & Sylvia.

Gouda, Turfkade.

Gouda, one of the charming canals there.

Oudewater, next to an ice skate (winter) or inline skate (summer) track, Monday the 19th.

Oudewater, inline skaters exercising.

Oudewater, a charming little town.

On our way again, passing Nieuwegein, picturing ourselves using reflecting windows.

Vianen, thanks to its tradesmen free(!) mooring, electricity and water. It was Tuesday the 20th.

A part of beautifully restored Vianen.

Leerdam’s marina, a tight fit. We arrived Thursday the 22nd.

Linge river (I).

Linge river (II) – Beesd in the background.

Linge river (III) – Mill ‘De Vlinder’ (the butterfly).

Linge river (IV) – together enjoying the ride (and having some conversation).

Friday the 23rd, outside Geldermalsen's marina at the only available spot for a barge. After 5 days our friends left (Friday late afternoon) and our son Maarten arrived from the UK that same evening.

Linge river (VI) – a joy for everyone.

Linge river (VII) – a (too?) well-kept house and garden. Either the owner employs a gardener or is one him-/herself.

Leerdam’s marina again on Saturday the 24th. Our son and his mother are visible on the left. (One has to know to be able to tell, we realise that.)

Dirty Herrie

Seen inside Leerdam’s marina ‘Dirty Herrie’ (herrie = noise/hubbub/rumpus), a tiny boat with a lovely sounding old engine.

Sunday the 25th of August. Our daughter Sascha and her eldest son, Sean, visited us to join her/his brother/uncle from Leerdam to Vianen. From left to right here: son, grandson, (grand)mother, daughter. Of course ‘the missing one’, also the photographer, is at the wheel.

We have been in Vianen from Sunday the 25th until Saturday the 31st, see the 8th picture. To put it mildly, we overstayed a few days… Anyway, on Saturday we left, hoping for a mooring-spot in Utrecht’s centre. Here we are, moored on the Catharijnesingel, in front of the Geertekerk (Wikipedia https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geertekerk, unfortunately only in Dutch). Lucky us! For the insiders we add to be close to the Lange Rozendaal and De Zeven Steegjes. In contrast to what the picture suggests the tower, though very old, is not a leaning one. Perspective has done an inimitable trick to us. When we put the tower straight it looked as if our little ship was on a slide, making it all even worse. So what you see is the original picture. Note the horse and carriage next to our little ship.

Rear view on Saturday the 31st.

Removing the unwanted grass (and other indescribable stuff – dogs!) the old fashioned way. We did the same in a previous lifetime, the eighties of last century, owning a Friesian stallion and a carriage like the one visible here.

One more picture of our present mooring spot, not only for the almost romantic scene but also because of the sun/shadow-effects.

This two week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 27 hours and 42 minutes (27,7 hours) – Sunday 18.08 4,4 hours, Monday 19.08 2,7, Tuesday 20.08 4,3 hours, Thursday 22.08 3,8 hours, Friday 23.08 3,4 hours, Saturday 24.08 2,8 hours, Sunday 25.08 3,8 hours, Saturday 31.08 2,5 hours.

Generator this period:  1,8 hours.

Weather: sunny throughout the weeks. No complaints.       

Hope to see you next week again!         


05.09.2019 19:10

Tineke Heek

Wat een prachtige foto’s. Leuk om zo zuid-holland weer eens met andere ogen te zien.

06.09.2019 06:38

Simon & Diny

Dank je, Tineke! Tot gauw.