Almost 9 months old (young). More adorable every day. © Sylvia den Hertog-Tangel

Careful Jay

His master has bad experiences with former, supposedly gentle, pets. This one IS 100% gentle indeed. © Sylvia den Hertog-Tangel

This is him at present. Next time we’ll try to let him lift his tail… © Sylvia den Hertog-Tangel

Always on guard when one of us is doing little jobs outside – like taking a picture.

Last week was hot. We took the opportunity to swim together in ‘De Put’, close to Vianen… © Sascha Mocking-Oost

…together with our daughter Sascha and her dog Macy. From left to right: Sascha, Jay and Macy – both dogs being Australian Shepherds.

  • Irresistible (I)

    You’re my beloved master.

  • Irresistible (II)

    What are you waiting for?

Utrecht, last day of August 2019. Jay and his mistress.