Nederhorst den Berg and surroundings

This Google Earth map shows the spot where we have been moored close to Nederhorst den Berg – still on its territory. Our position is indicated by a yellow pin at the top right.

Our position (I) as recorded by the drone. Here our ship is the tallest of the five that are visible. © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography

Our position (II), seen from a higher point of view, giving more information about the surroundings. Looking East. © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography

Our position (III), as recorded from an even steeper point of view. Looking east again. © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography

The river Vecht, deflecting to the north, followed by a turn to the east in the direction of Hinderdam – see the map. © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography

A narrowboat(-type) cruising upstream. © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography

The same one, now closer. © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography. In fact it is what is called a ‘widebeam’, meaning wider than a narrowboat – the latter being built 6’10’’ wide (2,0828 meters) nowadays, formerly 7’ (2,1336 meters). The locks narrowed in the course of time, caused by (ground)pressure from outside against its walls.

The view towards the west with Nigtevecht and even the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal visible in the background. © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography