Muiden - Pampus

This Google Earth map shows the spot where we have been moored in Muiden with a stunning view on its castle. Our position is indicated by a yellow pin in the bottom centre.

We are clearly visible here from the sky. Isn’t it unique? © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography

Maybe more of the same, but absolutely worth looking at! © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography

Leaving Muiden for Pampus island. The castle is still visible in the background. Note the two shipwrecks we have just passed. © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography

Leaving the river Vecht. The (artificial) Pampus-island is visible in the distance. © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography. (Some boats make waves, others don’t.)

What a stunning scenery! The former Zuiderzee. © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography

We have arrived. © Vranz A. VanMaaren Photography. After rather extensively manoeuvreing we were directed to a comfortable space as seen here on the left inside, because of the length of our ‘little’ ship using even two little landing stages.


15.09.2019 18:02


Wat een geweldige foto’s!! Syl X

15.09.2019 20:17

Diny & Simon

Jaja, Franz maakt heule mooie! Xx