Eemnes/Bunschoten (Eemmond) – Elburg (and highly watchable drone-taken-pictures, see the following text.

Pictures, pictures

All 30(!) drone-taken-pictures of our cruise on the 14th of September from Muiden to the artificial island of Pampus, to be found using this link:

Though Amersfoort has a strong ‘pulling-effect’ on us we left the Eem-mouth on Monday the 16th of September at 9:47 AM in the opposite direction and re-entered the Eemmeer because we were supposed to be in the marina Strand Horst (incorporated inside the Nuldernauw) to meet not only a joint Amersfoort-overwintering-couple but particularly a boat-painter, recommended by the same couple. So we had a stopover inside the afore-mentioned marina and are still (hand-wringing) awaiting a quote for paintwork, preferably to be executed next spring. After that we crossed the lake and had a stopover at Zeewolde. We tied our little ship to its quay and switched off the engine at 2:34PM. Here’s a panoramic picture of Zeewolde’s municipal port with the lake visible in the background.

The docking-fee in Zeewolde only can be paid in cash, reason why we agreed to pay the next morning. The harbour-master told us she’d be at her office later on in the morning. She was not, though. We rang her twice, to no avail. ‘No man overboard’ we thought, as we’d ordered something in the local pet-shop, planning to return to pick it up and pay our debt on that occasion. So we left Tuesday at 11:44AM, entered the wide Wolderwijd and stopped the engine at Harderwijk at 1:02PM. We were moored immediately next to the Vischbrug (fish-bridge) and in front of the Vischpoort (-gate) and immediately intended to stay for two days because we just love Harderwijk. The AanUit-system works flawlessly and the quay is exact at the right level for the dog. Furthermore the town is just very nice and interesting to be in.

Eventually everything comes to an end, so on Thursday the 19th of September we set sail at 9:25AM. Less than half an hour later we passed this high voltage pylon in the centre of the meanwhile entered Veluwemeer. Apart from the both high and long span we were also impressed by the load of cormorants, resting on the pylon-structure and in the water around it.

On the way a commercial ship, ‘Zeemeeuw’’, overtook us. As usual, we are not in a hurry. This time he, sorry: she, almost clipped us by leaving the fairway – as shown here by comparing the red buoys to its course. That was a bit surprising. A few minutes later we saw that she was on her way towards a dredger, which explained it all. Note the two, yes: two!, private cars on top of the living area.

Seen on the way. Two breasted up ‘botters’ (, only in Dutch and Frysk). Former fishing-boats, particularly used on the Zuiderzee, but sometimes coastal fishing on the Noordzee. Nowadays mainly used for offering little day-cruises to tourists. Beautiful. Historic/Traditional. Charming.

Likewise highly popular Elburg ( was reached. We found a spot at the very end of the canal leading into the little town, inside its basin, historical fishing-port as well, and switched of the engine 5 minutes after noon. This is what it looks like and now, on Sunday the 22nd, we are still here. The weather-forcast for Friday and the week-end, combined with utterly charming Elburg, seduced us to invest seriously in mooring fee –over € 25,00 a day!- for the last time.

The view all the way through the canal as seen from the bow of our little ship towards the lake (in the far distance). The weather: gorgeous.

Elburg’s Vischpoort (same as Harderwijk, hence the histories of both towns). Note the crowded main street.

Just a lovely alley-like street inside Elburg. The back of the houses on the left are city-wall at the same time.

Another example of the lovely ‘muurhuizen’ (Wall houses) as part of Elburg. These ‘muurhuizen’ are to be found inside Amersfoort and Harderwijk (and possibly more villages/cities) too.

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 7 hours and 30 minutes (7,5 hours) – Monday 16.09 3,7 hours, Tuesday 17.09 1,2 hours, Thursday 19.09 2,6 hours.

Generator this period:  0 hours.

Weather: cloudy during the first days, stunningly summery as from Friday the 20th. Day-temperature between 14 and 21°C.             

Hope to see you next week again!