Elburg - Amersfoort

Elburg – pretty, but expensive! Monday the 23rd of September we eventually left at 12:53PM. Last week we mentioned the typical fishing boat-type ‘botter’ (5th picture). We did not mention their modest draft. That was due to the fact that the former Zuiderzee was very shallow at places – in front of Elburg too. This picture (shot at 1:21PM) proves the shallowness of the water, close to Elburg. The working men can do their job while walking in the water! The channel is around 3,5 meters deep. Therefore, stay inside the channel!

Deliberately looking for a free mooring we stopped at 2:10PM inside an artificial island inside the Veluwemeer, named ‘De Ral’ (the rail). It is a paradise for a dog, too, which is all the more a reason to choose a place like this. Here we are, well protected from the elements as the mooring space is, as it were, embraced by the island.

  • Sunset 23.09.2019

    As seen from our position...

  • Sunrise 24.09.2019

    ...inside ‘De Ral’-island.

After two nights we left ‘De Ral’ 9:36AM on Wednesday the 25th. Wanting to enjoy a bit of comfort again –shore-power in particular, our battery bank might be due for replacement- we cruised into Harderwijk’s luxury marina again. We moored at 11:16AM in front of the Vischpoort (Fishgate) and -brug (-bridge), this time without having to tackle any obstacle, like passing a bridge. What more is there to say about a place where we have been several times before?

Wind and waves

Two days later, on Friday the 27th, Harderwijk was left at 10:23 AM under, let’s say, windy circumstances. Fortunately the wind came straight from the front most of the time. Note the tightly fluttering flags.

  • Nijkerkernauw (I)

    Gloomy weather it was, that day. Offering, though, an opportunity to make...

  • Nijkerkernauw (II)

    ...striking pictures with the little sunlight beautifully reflecting in the water.

  • Eemmouth

    We were fairly lucky that day in the sense that there was not much rain probably because of the strong, almost severe, winds. When approaching the mouth of the river Eem, however, we...

  • Rain

    ...noticed heavy rain, falling from clouds that were blown in our direction. And yes, just when mooring a violent (and cold) shower poured down on the one responsible for the ropes – not being her.

For the second (third?) time we ended up in de mouth of the river Eem at 3:45PM, an extensive cruise – at least for us. Since we’ve been here before, and because of the weather-conditions, we did not bother to make a picture from outside. Instead we waited for a spare moment of sunshine and photographed our surroundings the next day from the inside. Note the changed position of the upper flags, compared to the short video. We left the province of Gelderland and are now in the province of Utrecht, that’s why.

Initially we planned to remain in the Eemmouth for 3 nights. After two of them, however, we decided to travel towards/into Amersfoort on Sunday the 29th (today). We’d had enough of the high winds and rain, the damp feeling and low temperature inside. You know, the solid fuel stove is quickly too hot for the time of the year while the central heating cannot be used because of the lack of shore-power. We left at 10:25 AM from kilometre-sign 16,9/10,5 miles (the entire river is about 18/11,25 miles kilometres/ – see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eem) – as proven by this sign next to one of our windows.

Amersfoort, unmissably at kilometre-sign 0 though there’s no sign to be found, was reached after a rainy cruise. With the help of several co-overwintering friends a few boats were moved, thus creating our preferred space – see the picture. Thanks to all of them! The engine was switched off at 12:50PM. At the moment we hugely enjoy the effects of our central heating system. One only appreciate it when it’s not there. Therefore, a bit of suffering is a good method of realizing again the luxury we most of the time enjoy and take for granted. Yeh, us boating people, we know!

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 9 hours and 42 minutes (9,7 hours) – Monday 23.09 1,3 hours, Wednesday 25.09 1,7 hours, Friday 27.09 4,3 hours, Sunday 29.09 2,4 hours.

Generator this period:  15(!) hours.

Weather: Monday: sunny, Wednesday: cloudy, Friday and Sunday: cloudy, windy, rainy.  

Hope to see you next SEASON again!         


13.04.2020 19:41

Tineke Heek

Ojee ik ook niet meer hoor.

14.04.2020 06:43

Simon & Diny

Haha, we hebben elkaar intussen vaak gesproken! Blijf beiden gezond!

05.03.2020 19:12

Henk Bruins

Wij hebben jullie met de narrowboar Utrecht, lang geleden gezien op the four counties ring, dicht bij de Shroppie fly.
Klopt dat?
Klop dat

13.04.2020 16:03

Diny & Simon

Onze narrowboat heet(te) inderdaad 'Utrecht'. Hoe is de naam van jullie boot en wanneer was onze ontmoeting?? Audlem, toch??

01.10.2019 09:29


En nu weer thuis!! Ook weer gezellig.

13.04.2020 16:00

Simon & Diny

Nooit gereageerd. Schande! Met welke Tineke hebben we trouwens het genoegen?

30.09.2019 20:33


Eindelijk voldoende wifi om je blogs te lezen. Weer “thuis” en nog wel op jullie voorkeursplekje. Na alle omzwervingen weer even wennen denk ik. Fijne tijd! 😘

01.10.2019 07:37

Simon & Diny

Jullie ook! Enne.. succes met de beoogde veranderingen!

30.09.2019 10:38


Fijne overwintering in Amersfoort, Snel afspreken. 😊😘

30.09.2019 12:36

Diny & Simon

Gaan we doen!

29.09.2019 20:27


Het zit er dus weer op voor dit seizoen, nu weer genieten van Amersfoort!

30.09.2019 12:35

Diny & Simon

Dank je wel!