When cruising, this is one of his favourite positions. Every time we change position we have unlearned to lift our foot/leg. Instead we shuffle, so we never step onto him. Sometimes he is lying just behind you without you noticing, you know. (The poor animal is unable to talk and too friendly to bark or bite.) Yes, we live inside a tiny house(boat).

Nothing special to remark. He’s just our big friend…

…and keeps an eye outside.

When one of us leaves without him he looks after the leaving one as long as possible.

Come play with me. Please.

On the second and third picture one of his benches (the first/little one) is still visible. Last Friday we had a stopover at Zeewolde and picked up a (dog-)cushion we ordered before. Also we bought a dog-toy, this time indestructible. (So they say at least, up till now he destroyed all his toys and, given the chance, eat them.) We did away with ‘imprison’ him when, for instance, tackling a lock and are learning him to remain on top of his cushion when we are busy doing things without being able to pay attention to him. Here he is, on top of his new cushion, being able to look around freely and his new toy in front of him.

Within two days he climbs onto his cushion when we tell him to. He is really clever and cooperative! This is where we are at present, in Amersfoort. He likes it, too, looking at his behaviour since we arrived.