Amersfoort – Eembrugge (Ocrieteiland)

Our dog, Jay, is young, playful and needs a lot of exercise. During our winter-stay in Amersfoort we take him, almost on a daily basis, by car to De Lange Duinen (‘The Long Dunes’), part of De Soester Duinen ( - only in Dutch) for an hour walk. This possibility is mostly not available when cruising. Therefore, we bought a ‘hands-free-dog-next to the bike’ device and started on Monday the 25th of May to learn him how to trot (not gallop!) next to a bike. He did all right from the first attempt!

This is how it looked on the 29th of May – the day we left. Nowadays it seems to be normal to leave the mess behind after eating sunflower seeds. Hold on, there’s more misery to come.

  • Mess (I)

    This is what one sees in the morning after youngsters have been boozing and shouting at times they should be sleeping.

  • Mess (II)

    Another example of this misbehaving gang. Even food (olives) are just chucked on the pavement. (Yes, the bins are packed. ‘Take your litter home’, we only can say.)

The same morning a council-worker arrives and cleans the mess. He is an important man all-right, though in this case his job should be unnecessary. Our winter-mooring space, btw, is very close to this spot.

After doing a number of essential jobs, like changing engine-oil and -filter, shopping, buying dog-food in the pet shop etc., we finally left Amersfoort at 2:34 PM. Eembrugge/Baarn, the Ocrieteiland to be precise, was reached less than two hours later and the engine was switched off at 4:22 PM. That was on Friday; on Saturday the lemsteraak-type ‘Witte Uil’ (White Owl) breasted up to our ship, making for a nice picture from the opposite bank. A thing perhaps worth knowing is that Princess Beatrix’s boat ‘De Groene Draeck’ (The Green Dragon) is a lemsteraak, too. See - much more elaborated in Dutch).

  • Witte Uil (I)

    Its cockpit.

  • Witte Uil (II)

    Its rudder.

  • Witte Uil (III)

    Its woodcarving.

The view from the grassy shore behind our ship onto the river Eem – its course from the bridge to the left. We’re moored in a side-branch in the foreground.

  • Jay (I)

    Relaxing in the grass underneath a tree.

  • Jay (II)

    Permanently wearing his fur-coat, he is a ‘shade-fan’.

Jay was highly interested in another dog. We catched him in time. It might have developed into a real 'dog-fight'. He proved to be a skilled one when a counterattack is needed!

All types of ships are cruising by. Here’s just an example of a nice one – not even the best/most interesting one though. That was a historic ship named ‘Bolivar’. We regretted not to have a camera at hand to make a picture. Perhaps there will be another opportunity. That was it for this week. Bye for now.


01.06.2020 09:34


Verbaas me overigens ook zo vaak over de troep die Noord-Europeanen achterlaten na een middagje recreëren in het park. Zo weer recht getrokken. 😂

06.06.2020 10:40

Diny & Simon

Ja, hier dezelfde ervaring. Je wilt ze wel eens met de koppen tegen elkaar slaan...

01.06.2020 09:33


Leuk! Gaan jullie weer volgen op jullie reis door de zomer. Verlost van de zuid-Europese/noord-Afrikaanse etensresten. Heb me zo gepast uitgedrukt toch?

06.06.2020 10:39

Diny & Simon

Zéér diplomatiek - inderdaad!

01.06.2020 07:31


Wat heerlijk weer varen voor jullie! En voor ons weer genieten van de wekelijkse blog. Liefs Sylvia en Barry xxx

07.06.2020 09:36

Diny & Simon

Afstand houden !

06.06.2020 10:38

Diny & Simon

Tot in augustus?????

31.05.2020 20:12


Heerlijk dat er weer een blog is. Veel vaarplezier.

07.06.2020 08:10


Hopelijk wel, ligt aan meneer Rutte.....

31.05.2020 20:49

Diny & Simon

Ja, lekker hè. Enne, dank je wel!