Nijetrijne - Steenwijk

Nijetrijne, the island next to Paviljoen Driewegsluis to be more precise, was left after a tempestuous weekend on Monday the 6th of July at 9:14AM. Early indeed, contrary to what we are used to. Well, more or less. Our destination for that day, Steenwijk, was already reached at 11:36AM. This happens, of course, when leaving early. The weather: still cloudy and a strong wind. This is the spot where we are awaiting our son and his better half, whom will arrive late in the afternoon of Thursday from the UK.

A dog-owner sometimes has to do a dirty job – especially after having been on an island without waste bins…

A nice job is cycling with the dog. He needs a lot of exercise. During the winter we visit the Soester Duinen with him where he can run free.

An unpleasant feeling warned our male half of the presence of a tick – high on his leg. Fortunately we’ve got a ‘tick-remover’, expressly bought because of the dog. It works on humans too – apparently. A visit to the doctor reassured the victim: most likely no Lyme disease.

After four nights of waiting our son and his wife finally arrived on Thursday, early in the evening. They travelled by car, using the ferry Dover-Calais. And of course were obliged to use face protection.

The next morning, Friday, we left at 10:55AM. First obvious destination: Giethoorn. Quintessential Dutch, especially for a first-time-visitor. We arrived at 1:10PM.

The waterways of Giethoorn normally look like the bumper cars at a fair – crashing into each other included. Not now, however. The world-wide pandemic also affects Giethoorn heavily.

We visited this restaurant, next to the water that is shown by the last picture. Apart from ourselves the dining room was empty. Unreal for this time of year.

  • Abby

    When in Giethoorn we were visited by our daughter Sascha, accompanied by her youngest son Liam as well as her puppy-dog (an Aussie too) Abby. She is utterly cute.

  • Jay

    Jay desperately wanted to play with her but is simply too rough. He could only look at her from inside. She stands her ground, by the way.

On Saturday Giethoorn was left behind at 11:37AM. When leaving the Kanaal Beukers-Steenwijk and entering the Beulakerwijde (a lake) this mini-statue of liberty is shown on a little headland. On top of it we spotted a wing-drying cormorant.

Passing the extremely charming hamlet of Jonen (again). Our visitors loved it.

Around 1:30PM we entered Blokzijl’s lock and entered the picturesque and popular port. (Practically) ‘sold out’ was the first impression. Nevertheless we found a perfect space across the harbour and were able to moor there some 10 minutes later.

The same space, as seen from the outdoor café next to Blokzijl’s lock. Spectacle guaranteed while enjoying a drink (or two).

The four of us in Blokzijl in Covid-19-style. As it was the lady on the right’s (the fair haired one) birthday we enjoyed an outside dinner (the weather had improved substantially). Outside because of the presence of our dog. Well…

Someone sent this picture. It symbolizes all congratulations received that day.

Jay – relaxed running

We need to brag a little about Jay, our dog. This video, made by our son, proves how well-behaved he trots next to the bike. Until he spots another dog…

Jay - fast sprinting

He knows that a titbit awaits him when he has behaved properly. In that case he shows no inclination to run away.

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 9 hours and 42 minutes (9,7 hours) – Monday 2,4, Friday 1,5, Saturday 1,9 and Sunday 3,9 hours.  

Generator this week only a little bit.

Weather: Bad in the beginning, improving later on, good (enough) as from Friday.

Hope to see you next week again!