Ossenzijl - Nijetrijne

Ossenzijl… Attractive as it absolutely is, we left after four nights on Tuesday the 21st of July 2020 at 9:17AM. The weather was pleasant, so we had an uneventful cruise from the province of Overijssel into Friesland which took us only 2 minutes less than an hour – the H.P. Linthorst Homansluis included. Initially we moored close to where we had been a few weeks ago. After some exploring we discovered (thanks to Mike & Rosaleen on ‘Aquarelle’ – an Irish couple, co-hibernators in Amersfoort) that the bridge (see hereunder) could be operated without a key. So we decided to pass the bridge and to moor at the east side of the island. Not via the Driewegsluis – which is impossible nowadays. The Google Earth-map shows our previous and current berth.

First we’ll go deeper into the topic ‘Driewegsluis’. This picture shows the opposite side of the sluis (lock), compared to the picture we showed some weeks back.

As you’ll remember the sluis has three entrances/exits. This is one of the double entrances/exits, leading from/into the river Linde/Lende (the nether Linde/Lende). Note the position of the mitre-type gates.

The river Linde/Lende is dammed here which, we think, is a rather rare phenomenon. When going back to picture one, one realizes that the (new) H.P. Linthorst Homansluis has to be negotiated, followed by a cruise around the island in order to reach the upper Linde/Lende.

This picture speaks for itself. The gates are no longer in use and the river is overgrown with aquatic plants here. Again, note the position of the mitre-type gates. Opposite to the other pair of gates. Try to work out why!

A picture now of the lovely narrow, moveable lift-bridge. Only walkers and cyclists are able to pass. The vertical clearance is about 2,85 metres (9,5 feet) and we need 3,00 metres (10 feet), unless we take our wheelhouse apart. We do not feel like that, which left us with the only possibility, being lifting the bridge.

Our position since last Tuesday, as seen from the bridge. The upper Linde/Lende is visible in the background. We are in Friesland, only just, because the meadow in the background, behind the river, is the province of Overijssel. The province-border is clearly visible with the first picture.

When lifting the bridge the first measure to be taken is closing a gate opposite from the hinged side. This, of course, to prevent cyclists or walkers from ending up in the water, (almost) three metres below.

Then the crank, shown here, can be turned clock-wise and the lift-bridge will, yes!, raise. Voilà!

  • Paradise(I)

    Isn’t this a fabulous spot? Today, Sunday, we’ve already ‘consumed’ five nights. That might...

  • Paradise(II)

    ...become eight. Well, at least six. All of us, including ourselves, will know next week.

The last two pictures were taken from this place. After making a 180° turn a stunning swamp landscape is what one sees. This morning we even spotted a roe deer! (Lendevallei – valley of the river Linde/Lende. It Fryske Gea (Frisian) – The Frisian Landscape.)

Last Wednesday our daughter Sascha visited us. She had her two Australian Shepherds, Macy 5 years and Macy’s daughter, Abby 8 months, with her. Our Aussi, Jay a 1,66 years old boy, was very enthusiastic. It was not easy to get them to pose, but here we are: Jay, Abby and Macy, slightly exhausted after playing.

Two mistresses and the three dogs. The two older dogs prefer the cool shadow; the puppy seemingly does not (yet) mind the hot sun.

They do everything for a candy. It’s just lovely to observe them.

“Uncle Jay”

Macy runs after a ball like crazy but otherwise she is quite calm. Unlike Jay, who is endlessly playful. Up till now we have been unable to find his switch-off knob. Well, this really was what Abby was looking for. They played extensively. We noticed that he did not run at full speed to give the young girl the impression there was something to get. Clever Jay! We laughed our heart out when our daughter observed ‘she doesn't have to count on that with her mother – surely with uncle Jay’. Haha, Uncle Jay!!!

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 0,58 minutes (1 hour), on Tuesday.  

Generator this week a few hours. (Washing machine and, of course, coffee machine).

Weather: Variable, not too hot when the sun shines. (Torrential rain last nght.)

Hope to see you next week again!