Nijetrijne/Nijetrine - Haskerdijken/Haskerdiken

One more picture from the island next to the Driewegsluis at Nijetrijne/Nijetrine. Just because of the almost romantic atmosphere it creates. A man walking his dog. © the dog’s mistress

To be able to leave our temporary mooring space we had to pass the bridge that was described last week. Since that bridge is just too low for us it has to be opened. One needs a key to do that, which can be obtained either from the harbourmaster or the keeper of the lock – both at quite a distance. Furthermore we were planning to cruise in the ‘wrong’ direction, i.e. opposite to the position of both key-holders. Fortunately our neighbour on ‘Alpha’ was willing to both open the bridge for us and return the key (by bicycle). We left at 11.15AM on Tuesday the 28th of July and switched off the engine again at 12:44PM at Echtenerbrug/Ychtenbrêge. This picture shows our luxury position there, electricity and much needed water at hand.

  • Protecting box

    Our dog, Jay, tends to keep an eye on everything. That’s why we (well, our current host) made a box to cover the control panel when we do not cruise. This picture shows its effectiveness.

  • Jay is watching you

    Without it his weight and youthful clumsiness causes to wreck the entire panel. When the dog cannot be outside with one or both of us he keeps a close eye on us. Here he is, as seen from outside.

At times it was extremely busy in Echtenerbrug/Ychtenbrêge. It’s a paradise for kids, too.

  • Rottum

    Three days in Echtenerbrug/Ychtenbrêge, and € 67,50 ‘lighter’, we left Echternerbrug/Ychtenbrêge on Friday the 31st of July at 8:50AM. Somewhat early, due to the circumstance that hire-boats are returning on Friday and the exploiter of this business granted us permission to stay, providing that we would free up the space on Friday before 09:00AM.

  • Marrekrite

    We did. After just a bit more than three quarters of an hour we spotted a small island on a T-crossing (we’re talking waterways), went back in reverse and moored there at 9:39AM. It was our first (free) Marrekrite-landing stage. We bought the Marrekrite-(little)flag just a day before in Echtenerbrug/Ychtenbrêge. See the small orange one on the left picture – port-side.

The small island turned out not to be favourable to the dog. It was that tiny that he was unable to run freely, biking was out of the question and two little other dogs distracted him and, as often, were slightly scared of him because he is super-enthusiastic. So we left on the same day(!) at 2:00PM and moored again in the Engelenvaart at Nieuweschoot at 3:00PM, close to Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean. Chains come in handy there, because of the structure of the shore side. We already bought two chains during our narrowboat-era, in this case around 2008, in Gloucester Dock. We used them before in France, when we had to wait on the river Oise for a technician. Unfortunately one of us (‘the rope man’) did not pay sufficient attention, causing one of the valuable chains to disappear underwater. Sh*t! Using a boot-hook did not bring the desired result. Fortunately the neighbour in front of us, seeing one of us struggling, offered a strong, heavy magnet. That helped… The chain was recovered from the canal’s depth. Lucky us!

One night next to uncut grass, full of ticks, was enough for the three of us. Therefore we left on Saturday the 1st of August at 10:45AM, after having contacted our friends in Haskerdijken/Haskerdiken (also close to Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean) because we suspected to be too early. ‘No’ was the answer, ‘do come’. We arrived at Haskerdijken/Haskerdiken at 12:45PM and found a berth inside a box after some manoeuvring in reverse. Our friend’s ship even protrudes more than ours – and they obtained permission. So we’re safe.

Visiting our good friends at their ship, ‘Avontuur’, was very pleasant. Of course our dog followed the hostess wherever she went or whatever she did. She made this picture of him, patiently waiting at the top of the (steep) stairs. © Tineke Heek

Our view during a very convivial evening indeed. Utterly peaceful, accompanied by lively conversation and the intake of a few modest alcoholic drinks. © Tineke Heek

  • Little flag

    Our former Dutch tricolour, once a present by a Frenchman in Nancy, had faded severely. So we bought a new one in Echtenerbrug/Ychtenbrêge. Visible on the left picture. After arriving in Haskerdijken/Haskerdiken the male half of our friends pointed out to us that the flag was too small for the size of our little ship. ‘A ship over 15 metres is supposed to carry a flag of 150 centimetres in length’. Later on the female

  • Large flag

    half handed over a flag of the required size. We replaced the brand-new small one (100 x 70) immediately for the brand-new large one (150 x 100). The smaller one is visible on the left – note the free part of the pole. The large one is visible, you guessed it, on the right. Because the pictures are not taken from the same distance the difference is not immediately noticeable but believe us: the large one is really large! Note the ship ‘Avontuur’.

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 5 hours and 42 minutes (5,7 hours) – Tuesday 2,2, Friday (0,4 + 1,1) 1,5 and Saturday 2,0 hours.  

Generator this week a few hours.

Weather: Sometimes rain at night, partly clouded, sunny on a regular basis (we are able to walk the dog and take him twice a day for a bike-ride. That’s to say: he trots.)

Hope to see you next week again! 


04.08.2020 07:29


Hallo daar, Stavoren is Lemmer geworden, nu onderweg naar Marken, via Enkhuizen. Lekker rustig op het IJsselmeer en een warme groet van ons🤪🤪

10.08.2020 11:40

Simon & Diny

Zie het vandaag 'al'. Jullie zijn al weer bijna terug in A'foort. Wij nu in Grou(w). Overmorgen L'warden. Hete groet terug, D&S

03.08.2020 14:18


Druk vaarverkeer op de foto’s. Maar wat hebben jullie een plezier van alle buren. Brugsleutel terugbrengen, ketting opvissen en gezellige borrelavond! Veel plezier!

10.08.2020 12:00


Zie het nu pas.... We hebben nog steeds plezier!! Nu aan een eilandje in het Pikmeer/Pikmar bij Grou(w). Groet, óók van je zussen.

03.08.2020 08:14

Nico & Tineke

Weer een prima verhaal Simon, wij nu vanuit Leeuwarden naar Stavoren. aldaar richting Enkhuizen /Marken en via Zaandam (effe tanken) naar Nieuwegein.
Hier alles ok👍👍groetjes T&N

10.08.2020 12:57


Nou, luitjes, ik begrijp d'r geen bal van. Maar 't werkt nog en we hoeven geen groot water over te steken. Na terugkomst dan maar. Grrr.

10.08.2020 11:45


Navionics ga ik vandaag bekijken (morgen deadline). Ik snap d'r niks van omdat ze het over een app hebben. IK HEB VERD... GEEN APP (op m'n telefoon). Enfin, ik laat het nog weten. Doehoei.

03.08.2020 10:17


Leeuwarden is de afgelopen dagen “ redelijk rustig dus er zal wel een plekkie in de “herberg” zijn. Ja wij hebben ons tempo ook aangepast 🥺 Is het Navionics app probleempje nog opgelost? groetjes👍

03.08.2020 08:43

Diny & Simon

Hoi beiden! Leeuwarden... Overmorgen met Diny's zus daar naar toe. Jullie tempo is errug laag . Geniet!

02.08.2020 15:31

Tineke Heek

Leuk om zoveel bekends te zien en te lezen over ons gezellig samenzijn. Mooie vlag zeg 😜😜

03.08.2020 08:45

Diny & Simon

Ja leuk hè. Op die vlag zijn wij errug wijs. Toevallig! (Herinnert ons aan de gulle gever.) 😘