Leeuwarden/Ljouwert - Siteburen/Sytebuorren

A few times we prolonged our stay in Leeuwarden/Ljouwert (‘let’s stay one more day’). It’s a most enjoyable little city to visit, but… eventually everything comes to an end. We left on Monday the 17th at 10:55AM. Consecutively we ‘ploughed’ through the Westerstadsgracht, Harlingervaart/Harnzer Feart, Verbindingskanaal, Van Harinxmakanaal, Himpenser Wielen, Langdeel, Wartenster Wijd/Wiid, Rochsloot/Rochsleat, (followed by cautiously crossing the Prinses Margrietkanaal), Ringvaart/Ringfeart, Lange Sloten/Sleatten, Sydsdiep/Sydsdjip, eventually followed by the Folkertssloot/Folkertssleat (Ule Krite). There we took the first exit on the portside, leading towards the Grote Krite/Grutte Krite lake. Here we are, arriving at 1:50PM, with a view across the Folkertssloot/Folkertssleat (Ule Krite) onto the lake Sanemeer/Sânemar. It’s close to Eernewoude/Earnewâld, south-west of it.

The rather narrow waterway leading towards the lake Grote Krite/Grutte Krite was frequently navigated by sloops, though some ships of our size also went towards the lake. Perhaps we’ll do it next time – as we have learned to love beautiful Friesland/Fryslân in its entirety.

Impressive clouds.

The sunset we were treated to on that same Monday evening around 9:00PM.

Both unmanipulated


The picture before this small one was taken using a camera. It made for a clearer foreground, as the reeds are visible. This one was taken using a Samsung mobile phone. The pink /red colour becomes a sort of orange and the foreground is obscured by the predominant colour. Take your pick!

Apart from the nice surroundings and the fairly new edge we had to deal with an unkempt surface (see the first picture) – not very well suited for walking our dog. So we left the next morning at 10:48AM, cruised for only about half an hour and moored inside the Doekesloot/Doekesleat, part of Siteburen/Sitebuorren, where we switched off the engine at 11:20AM. A lovely spot indeed!

The picture before this one has the characteristics of an overview. This one clearly shows our comfortable position.

  • East-northeast

    A herd of Gascoine (Gascon) cows – and a sailing boat in the Folkertssloot/Folkertssleat . Don’t miss the sub-page about these beautiful animals! We enjoyed the...

  • East

    ...view from our little ship towards the east immensely and, to be honest, overstayed a bit… Even the dog could run around freely - and take a dip in the adjacent mud ditch.

  • Sunset

    As you can see the view from our position does...

  • Shower

    ...vary greatly, depending on time and/or weather.

Just a picture of what one encounters when walking the dog.

Even the ice cream (wo)man sails by, using a tiny boat. And a bell, of course!

  • Ill-considered mooring

    There’s a lot of complaint about clumsy, silly, mooring. The large ship, as pictured by the next photo cannot use the clearly available room and is therefore forced to stay at an illegal spot (see the sign on the ‘ice cream picture'...

  • Forced to moor illegally

    ...now obscured by the large ship). Today, Sunday, the large ship is still at the same spot. So perhaps it’s not illegal for her to be there. That doesn’t take away the duty to use one’s brain before taking any action!

Statistics from the 16th of August till today, Sunday the 23rd.

Engine ran during 2 hours and 24 minutes (3,4 hours) – Monday 2,9 hours, Tuesday 0,5 hours. Did we hear ‘not that much’?

Generator this period: around 4,5 hours. We have solely been at self-sufficient places. Again: we have 6 brand new semi-traction batteries. Even two solar panels. Luxury!

The weather now. Thank goodness the heat-wave is over! Normal temperature-levels again. Hurray!

Hope to have entertained you about this week. (See also the sub-page, please!)