Through the ‘main page’ we already mentioned the herd of cows next to our mooring space. They are of the Gascon breed, see

The beautiful and impressive bull. He’s obviously a polygamist (the superior Dutch word for, let’s call it, this habit is ‘veelwijverij’).

The bull has been very successful.

How lovely. A mother is still feeding her calf patiently – even when the calf almost has the size of a full grown cow. Note the tourist-boat in the background.

A strange looking ship moored across the wide canal (Folkertssloot/Folkertssleat), followed by a farmer and his female partner stepping off. The cows are obviously used to this, because they obediently followed the couple at the head of the herd. For more highly interesting information, look at (only in Dutch). Note the waterway being on a higher level than the meadowland. The latter gets inundated during the winter (we think to have understand).

Approaching the boat, a walk-on-walk-off type. They’re used to be transported by boat to reach another pasture.

The farming couple assumes the herd to follows them. Instead the herd seems to be convinced to be invited to step onto the boat.

Here the couple sprints back, to persuade the herd to keep following them…

…and that’s what the herd duly does.

All of them on their way to pastures new. No boat trip this time.


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