Grouw/Grou - Nijetrijne/Nijetrine

On Monday the 14th of September 2020 we left our comfortable mooring space next to the Prinses Margrietkanaal – close to Grouw – at 11:10AM. A party-tent poorer and an illusion richer (or: poorer too). Because we wished to check whether there was a new restaurant after the fire we described last week we had to cruise the busy (commercial) canal for a short stretch. Busy it was indeed! We had to give way to no fewer than three fully laden commercial ships before able to enter the canal. When you see them approaching there’s no inclination to challenge them… (The restaurant unfortunately has not been rebuilt.)

Our destination for that day was Akkrum. We’d cruised the same route on the 24th of August during horrible weather-circumstances. (See weeks 35&36.) This time the weather was gorgeous, resulting in a picture like this one. It’s the same lake, the Peanster Ee/Peanster Ie, where the weather gods turned against us a few weeks earlier.

We never reached Akkrum that day, because a bridge (according to our map bridge 270a, the Leppedijkbrug – this for the insiders) was out of order. So we ‘stranded’ at Nes – just before Akkrum. It was 12:40PM that our engine was switched off. A few weeks earlier we dealt here with an annoying old man. This time he was nowhere to be seen.

Later on during the afternoon of the previous day we were told the bridge was back in working order again. So we left the next morning at 9:23AM and moored yet at Akkrum at 9:59AM – after an exhausting journey of somewhat over half an hour! Hurrah, we were able to refill our huge water tank (not for free) and connected to the shore power (included in the fee).

Again the next morning -we’re talking Wednesday the 16th (of September 2020)- we first shopped extensively (Poiesz, Akkrum) and left Akkrum behind at 11:52AM. Destination for this day: Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean . On the go the water of the Nieuwe Heerenveense Kanaal/ Nije Hearrenfeanster Kanaal looked like liquid silver. Note our two shopping carts, their wheels drying in the sun (cut wet grass). They’re accompanied by an invisible folding bike, placed there for the same reason. The railway track is wedged between two canals: the Nieuwe Heerenveense Kanaal/ Nije Hearrenfeanster Kanaal (among others) on the west/south-west and the Heeresloot/Hearresleat (among others) on the east/north-east. Because of the visible church-tower the picture must be made when cruising between the Grevensmolen/Grevensmole and the Nonnegat. This for the curious among you.

Our cruise for that day ended at 1:35PM. We found a convenient space inside Heerenveen’s/It Hearrenfean’s free marina on the town’s outskirts and decided to stay for a few days. Thus being able to do/finish some long-delayed jobs.

While walking Jay, our popular dog, he found an old tennis-ball. From that moment on it proved to be a genuine trophy. Until it was thoroughly wrecked that is.

After having been in Heerenveen/It Hearrenfean for three days we left on Saturday the 19th of September at 9:52AM, slowly but inevitably towards our wintering place. (Yes, Amersfoort again.) One of the waterways to cruise is the river Tsjonger or Kuunder ( - only in Duch or Frysk (and Nedersaksies (West Low German))). As one can see here, the river is wide enough for sailing. In addition, the wind was favourable – although experienced sailing enthusiasts are capable of moving forward from whatever direction the wind is blowing!

Just a snapshot of what is on offer when cruising the river Tsjonger or Kuunder.

Later on, the river was left and the canal Jonkers- of Helomavaart/Jonkers- of Helomavaort entered. Here’s one of the picturesque pictures one is able to take there.

The latter is a busy waterway, as it is an important connection between the beautiful Kop van Overijssel ( and Friesland/Fryslân. The accumulation of boats is further enhanced by the presence of two movable low bridges.

12. Here we are at present, since yesterday (Saturday) 12:15PM. The island near Nijetrijne/Nijetrine, opposite the Paviljoen Driewegsluis, about which we told you on a previous occasion. We are here for the third successive tine this season.

Statistics from the 14th of September till today, Sunday the 20th.

Engine ran during 6 hours and 36 minutes (6,6 hours) – Monday 14.09 1,5 hours, Tuesday 15.09 0,5 hours, Wednesday 16.09 1,9 hours , Saturday 19.09 2,7 hours.

Generator this period: around 2,0 hours. The thing seems out of order now!!

The weather then. One word: sunny. (Pleasant during the day. Cold at night.)

Hope to have entertained you about this week. 


21.09.2020 17:50


Wat een heerlijke toegift van de zomer hè? Genieten op weg naar Amersfoort.

27.09.2020 15:02

Diny & Simon

Hoi Riet! Om de een of andere reden zie ik reacties niet (meer op tijd). Maar inderdaad, we hebben een lekkere nazomer gehad. Nog steeds een beetje, soms, overdag. We genieten zo lang 't kan.