Elburg - Amersfoort

Pretty Elburg was left behind on Monday the 28th of September 2020 at 10:45AM. After, apart from the mist, an uneventful cruise of 2,5 hours we moored inside Harderwijk’s harbour at 1:15PM. This harbour is directly accessible from the Wolderwijd (former IJsselmeer, before that Zuiderzee – just a reminder) nowadays. If one’s lucky no bridges have to be negotiated. Well, we were lucky; it’s not that busy anymore, it’s the late season. Here we are, in the ‘bridge-free’ part – illuminated by the sinking sun.

From the spot where we made the first picture we noticed a sailing boat entering the Harderwijk-harbour. The setting sun, combined with the cloud cover, made for a great effect.

  • Close by

    We decided to be during 2 days in Harderwijk’s harbour. Subsequently we ‘packed our bags’ and left on Wednesday the 30th at 9:30AM. The plan was to finish the Randmeren (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bordering_lakes) altogether, that’s to say: the Wolderwijd, followed by the Nuldernauw, the Nijkerkernauw and the Eemmeer. On the way, however, we...

  • Far away

    ...felt tempted to have an overnight stop at Wij-land, part of the Nuldernauw. Why? Because it’s an Eldorado for dogs, that’s why. Initially we were there all by ourselves; later on we were accompanied by a few other boats. The engine was switched off at 12:10PM already – much earlier than anticipated. The dog didn't mind, he was able to roam around freely.

Autumn is there. The birds (geese?) are travelling to warmer regions.

Sunrise on Thursday the 1st of October as seen from inside our little ship.

That Thursday, the 1st of October, we left Wij-land at 9:29AM, vaguely considering the possibility of a stop at the mouth of the river Eem (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eem), around 17,5 kilometres away from our reserved, booked, hibernating space within the city of Amersfoort (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amersfoort). For two reasons, (1) we wanted to bring the cruising-season to an end and (b) the space at the beginning of the river looked not very well kempt, we continued cruising. Eventually we reached our goal, Amersfoort, and switched off the engine for the last time (this year) at 2:10PM. Yes, one of our longer cruises! Here we are, some boat-lengths forward from the previous space, which was occupied on our arrival. Amersfoort only allows us – and others- to return and hibernate. A designated spot is not included in the reservation. Note the new building in the background – and compare it to week 39 last year.

When taking the last picture the taker was carefully watched by our dog, Jay. The taker’s better half is preparing her traditional weekly letter to one of her sisters.

Today, Sunday, a group of hobby fisherman occupied a space for a ship that still has to arrive. They have so much junk with them that they are almost impossible to pass. A couple from a boat that is moored beyond, takes the stairs as their preferred walking route is completely blocked. We suppose it’s a possibility that the fishermen next time pop up with their sofas and beds!

We left two months later than anticipated because of Covid-19, meaning the 1st of June instead of the 1st of April. Unfortunately it’s still far from a ‘done deal’: the second wave seems to be on its way. Nowadays we wear a mouth mask when shopping. The guy could easily be a bank robber, couldn’t he? This picture, dear reader, represents our current daily life. For how long yet? Well, we hope to be able to tell you a merrier story at the beginning of the next season – starting the 1st of April 2021 (under ‘normal’ circumstances). That was it for this season. We certainly would like to meet all of you again by means of this weblog in April 2021! In the meantime: stay healthy and happy!!

Statistics for this cruising season.

Engine ran during 103,3 hours = 103 hours and 18 minutes.

Generator this period: 60,5 hours.

The weather. Let’s say: variable. A few heatwaves. Not as bad as former years, we think. Generally speaking ‘not bad at all’.

Hope to have entertained you about this season.       


11.10.2020 11:24


Fijn dat jullie weer veilig in de thuishaven zijn aangekomen. Als meneer Rutte (dinsdag horen we meer) het goed vindt komen we binnenkort weer even langs. Liefs SenB

11.10.2020 14:43

Diny & Simon


04.10.2020 17:14


Happy hibernating! 😘

04.10.2020 19:17

Diny & Simon

Thank you, Maarten! Say hello yo Lisa. You both take care!