Eemnes - Weesp

(Close to) Eemnes, once more. For a last time – this time, that is. The evening before we left we captured this stunning sunset at 8:29PM. Just in time. One has to be really quick!

Almost reluctantly we left the Eemnes-mooring on Tuesday morning, the 20th of April, at 10:55AM. After an uneventful cruise on the remaining river Eem, the Eem- and Gooimeer (the two latter once the Zuiderzee) we moored inside Huizen’s marina at 12:47PM. As one can see the bow of our little ship is not pointing towards Huizen’s marina’s exit – and that’s officially one of the terms, allowed to call oneself a ‘blue flag-marina’ (the same applies to Amersfoort, by the way). After we argued that entering and leaving our ship is problematic when forced to use the portside, the harbour-mistress, backed by the harbour-master the next morning, allowed us to moor the wrong way for one night.

On Wednesday the 21st of April we left Huizen at 1:13PM, in spite of the strong northerly wind. The Gooimer was doable, unlike the first and last part of the IJmeer (one’s more or less partially protected from the wind by three islands – in our case on the starboard side). Especially when, on our cruise to our destination Muiden, we reached the last part the wind made our ship violently rock and swing (waves!). That’s perhaps very entertaining while dancing, but not at all when a ship is involved. There was anxiety and nausea on board and the ship was barely controllable. We decided to cruise in an almost northern direction against the wind. That steadied the ship fairly. After arriving close to the fairway Pampus (an island) – Muiden we were able to turn in a southern direction and to take advantage of tailwind. We could switch off the engine at 3:23PM. Next time we’ll not cruise open water when the wind-force exceeds force 3. Yes, she was right from the beginning (he was not)! Here we are, moored in front of Muiden’s castle. This spot comes with a price: around € 40,00 for one (yes, one!) night. That’s around € 1.200,00 on a monthly basis. We will not do this every day…

  • Muiden’s sea-lock (I)

    To enter the river Vecht (the Utrechtse Vecht, there’s also another Vecht, the Overijsselse) the sea-lock, protecting Muiden from the (former) sea, must be negotiated. Under normal circumstances there’s an outdoor terrace right next to the lock – full of spectators, hoping for some sensation. Because of COVID-19...

  • Muiden’s sea-lock (II)

    ...there's no living soul in sight, let alone tourists. It’s a sad sight. Rather: it’s a sad emptiness. As you can see, the lock consisted originally of three chambers. One of them (with the bridge) is out of use nowadays. The detail photo shows the rear of our little ship – almost exactly above the 1976 year indication.

  • No revenues (I)

    The tourist-boats are all moored-up. It’s a miracle how the exploiters will survive… Four on a row...

  • No revenues (II)

    ...unemployed breasted up. We do feel for them (which, we know, does not help even one bit).

A ‘memorial stone’, as seen in Muiden. It reads: ‘In memory of the visit of Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina and Her Majesty the Queen Mother (Emma, former regent) to this municipality on Friday 3 August 1900 (she was still 18 years young at the time and factual queen for less than a year - officially from 23 November 1890 though, when her father, Willem III, died) on the occasion of the Revue of the Fishing fleet on the Zuiderzee’. Numberless villages and little towns boarding the (former) Zuiderzee made their living from fishing. Most of them had to re-invent themselves after the construction of the Afsluitdijk (

  • Next to the Roskambrug (I)

    The next day (remember the price in Muiden!), Thursday the 22nd of April, we left at 10:30AM and entered the lock almost immediately thereafter, 7 minutes later to be exact. Another seven minutes later we cruised the pretty little river Vecht and reached Weesp around 11:00AM. We used our rickety ship’s horn and entered the canalised stream Smal Weesp which connects the river Vecht with the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal.

  • Next to the Roskambrug (II)

    Before we made it to a proper mooring spot, taking our dog into account (which makes the centre of Weesp less suitable), we had to pass three movable bridges. (That’s for free nowadays, unlike a few years back.) After the third one, the Roskambrug, three striking buildings catch the eye. The centre one is an old(er) one, the two modern identical ones on either side make it a balanced entirety – we think.

This is our residence inside Weesp as from last Thursday, 11:33AM. Note the pretty mill-complex, already visible in the first photo of the small series above. It’s ideal for our dog and us alike – the centre and shops are within walking distance.

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 5 hours and 6 minutes (5,1 hours) – Tuesday 1,9, Wednesday 2,3 and Thursday 0,9 hours. No specifics about the distance. It can’t be that much.  

Generator this week only 1,9 hours.

Weather: not bad, loads of sunshine – but the wind is still chilly.

Hope to see you next week again!