Jutphaas (north Nieuwegein) - IJsselstein

As promised on Saturday to the lock-master on duty we left the (officially off limits) Rijkswaterstaat-port on Monday morning, the 17th of May oat 10:30AM. We did not have a clear-cut idea about where to go that day. However, at the moment we arrived at Jutphaas (north Nieuwegein) we decided to use that mooring-possibility. The engine was switched off at 10:48AM – so we cruised all in all an astonishing 18 minutes. Mind you, two bridges were included, both visible in the background of this picture. We can be brief about the weather: see the clouds.

It still is the Merwedekanaal where we are moored. Since some 70+ years there’s the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal, but sometimes it’s old glory revives, as proven by this huge passing commercial ship ‘Quintus’ (fifth?).

  • Too low pressure

    The pressure gauge of our central heating system showed a bit worrying low pressure – see the first picture. After checking the system globally we added water into the system by opening a tap...

  • Correct pressure

    ...on the water supply system, followed by opening the little grey wheel-shaped tap that is part of the heating system (and leaks when opened). That resulted in a correct pressure (‘in the green’). See the second picture.

Only after adding water into the system we discovered that the highest radiator -the one inside the wheelhouse- was leaking. Even severely, one might add, clearly noticeable inside the engine room below. The pressure had gone back to too low, for obvious reasons. We removed the carpet in the wheelhouse and a plywood floor underneath it, so we were able to inspect the original floor. This is what it looked like. A bit of a shock really.

It was not all doom and gloom in Jutphaas (north Nieuwegein). After crossing the nearest bridge that is visible in the background on the first picture a short road leads towards Fort Jutphaas (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Jutphaas), a pretty walking area nowadays. Humans and animals alike love to be here.

  • Fort Jutphaas (I)

    It is so beautiful on top of the fort that...

  • Fort Jutphaas (II)

    ...we dedicate two more photos to it.

Our beloved, though sometimes naughty, dog (Jay) felt thirsty and discovered the fort-moat. Here he is inside our little ship again, drying. He sleeps ‘the sleep of the innocent’.

After five nights (one more than planned, because of the high wind on Friday) we left Jutphaas (north Nieuwegein) on Saturday the 22nd of May at 10:10AM. We forgot to mention a little cruiser in front of us, for some reason (drugs? alcohol? – probably both) a meeting point for mainly youngsters, making noise until after midnight sometimes. We even saw not-that-young men anymore, in their thirties or even forties, smashing the windows of an abandoned building on the opposite side of the road. Anyway, they fortunately didn’t bother us. Since we were looking for water we stopped at Jachthaven Marnemoende (https://www.marnemoende.nl/), northwest of IJsselstein, on the canalised river Holandsche IJssel (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollandse_IJssel). Our engine was silenced at 11:40AM. The weather en route and during arrival: dreadful. Therefore, a gloomy photo of our temporary residence is more than appropriate.

The floor inside our wheelhouse today. The swelling of the wood because of the water has gotten worse, despite a dehumidifier on the highest setting. Because we (think we) found a repairman we’ve WhatsApped him this picture and asked whether he is able to do this job on short notice. We’re eagerly awaiting his response.

Walking the dog in this area is a pleasure, providing the rain stays away. It did this morning, Whitsun-Sunday. On the way (up-and-down to/from IJsselstein town, about 5 kilometres/over 3 miles, we even noticed this very old(-fashioned) orchard consisting, nota bene, high (tree-)trunks (‘hoogstammen’). ‘Hoogstammen’ are not efficient and therefore orchards of this type have virtually disappeared.

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 1 hour and 48 minutes (1,8 hours) – Monday 0,3, Saturday 1,5 hours. No specifics about the distance. It again isn’t that much. We are still called ‘snails’.

Generator this week 5,1 hours. We have been without shore-power in Jutphaas (north Nieuwegein).

Weather: it has not been a proper spring, let alone summer. This will not change anytime soon… One day it will be summer though. We hope.

Hope to see you next week again! 


26.05.2021 06:46


Jullie lagen daar wel goed bij dat restaurant. Schijnt best goed te zijn! Hopelijk kan de reparateur snel komen!

26.05.2021 07:04

Simon & Diny

Gisteren vertrokken. Nu in Oudewater. Beoogde reparateur vóór vertrek gebeld. Hij appte llater dat hij zou bellen. Niet gedaan. Vandaag ga ik 't zelf proberen. 😘

24.05.2021 15:44

Tineke en Nico Iseger (vd Nutshell 😘, je weet wel

Dag lieve beide ❤, leuk om weer het eea te lezen en bekende plekjes te zien, maar ook een "beetje" tegenslag ik. Gelukkig ben jij heel handig (inmiddels), Simon 😉. Geniet van alles en fijne tijd.

25.05.2021 06:39

Diny & Simon

Hello dearly missed! Da's errug leuk om een reactie van jullie te lezen. Wij hopen dat hrt jullie beiden goed gaat! En wat dat 'handig' betreft: neem je zuster in de maling 🥴. Houd jullie goed 😘.