Haastrecht - Gouda

Haastrecht, no matter how nice, was left on Wednesday the 2nd of June at 10:10AM. We had a great time there for even 5 days/nights but eventually one has to leave… After leaving we saw a seemingly sad dog. It is possible, however, that he’s just contemplating about his great life.

The journey of that day included even two locks, which is a lot in our pretty flat country. The first one marks the limit/beginning of the tidal part of the river Hollandsche IJssel. When the level of the canalised part and the tidal part is equal (‘de kentering’/’the turnaround’?) the gates of the lock are left open for a short period, thus creating a possibility for tall (long) ships to pass. When in use the lock is able to handle ships up to about 26 metres (about 85 feet). The next lock is the one leading from the tidal part of the river into the city of Gouda. Both locks are not too far apart; we negotiated the first around 10:45Am and the second one around 11:25AM. Our destination, at the end/beginning of the Turfsingel, was reached at 12:12PM. This is what it looks like.

Gouda is exceptionally boat friendly, welcoming if you like. The maximum length of a ship, in their system that is, is 12 metres (40 feet). So we get 6 metres (20 feet) for free!! Their friendly system, however, goes beyond that. If one pays for at least four nights one’s allowed to stay during even thirty (30!) nights which feels like 26 nights for free. Oh, and we forgot to tell that electricity and water are included, too. Thumbs up for Gouda!

The weather had been summery during several days last week. Therefore we were able to sit outside, using various sun-protection items, like sunglasses, a parasol, a sun-visor and a suntan lotion. (Our first selfie. Hmmmm.)

Our spot as seen from a distance.

In front of us there are two bridges, the first one for through (boat)traffic, next to a just visible one on the right, leading towards more mooring spots (there are loads of it inside Gouda). We are not allowed to make the turn to the right. The waterways beyond this bridge are intended only for boats of up to 12 metres (40 feet). Anyway, the bridge for through (boat) traffic was blocked from Friday through Monday (but re-opened today, Sunday) because its top layer had to be renewed…


…and this is the sound the removal of the worn-out old top layer made on Friday evening/night. It only stopped at midnight!

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 2 hours and 0 minutes – only on Wednesday.

Generator this week 0 (zero) hours. Perhaps a few minutes for a cup of coffee in Haastrecht, shore power in Gouda.

Weather: summer at last (we think). Yippee.

Hope to see you next week again! 


12.06.2021 21:53

Tineke H.

Mooi verslag weer. En dan die prachtige pioenrozen!! Veel plezier weer in Zuid Holland.

13.06.2021 10:02

Diny & Simon

Dank je, Tineke! De pioenrozen zijn inderdaad prachtig - maar geven sneller dan gehoopt de geest. Maar we hebben een fraaie vervanger! In Gouda zijn we nog wel 2 weken...