Gouda (highlights)

  • Town-hall (side)

    Back to Gouda’s (former) town-hall one more time. On the front of its east-side a sundial is visible, but even more a carillon – combined with a puppet-play. The carillon dates from the 1960s and was donated by a director of a Gouda insurance company and therefore does not originally belong to the town hall. It is popularly called "the...

  • Town-hall (detail)

    ...Bouwmeester's chime" or "de Bouwmeester revue", after the donor's name. A miniature of this town hall is located in the miniature city of Madurodam in The Hague. In the Japanese theme park Huis ten Bosch, where many well-known Dutch buildings have been copied, there is a full-size replica of the town hall. Source: (partly Wikipedia).

  • Sagging houses

    A, rather big, problem in Gouda is the sagging houses. Discussion about how to solve this is still going on. Sometimes, like here, the houses stand higgledy-piggledy relative to each other. When walking the dog we pass this group of houses. One morning we discovered...

  • Excellent lookout point

    ...a congener (related to the dog, that is), watching us closely from the protruding roof. We remember one of our former dogs wearing a ‘lampshade’ after an operation. We did very funny things with the poor ‘lamp-shaded’ animal. Sorry, no further details...

  • The female cheese farmer

    There are several works of art to be found in this town. De Kaasboerin’(The female cheese farmer) (Ineke van Dijk (Gouda, 1940)) and ‘Man...

  • Jack-ass

    ...met ezel (Jackass)’ (Man with donkey (Jackass)) (sculptor: Johannes C.A.M. (Gijs) Assmann (Roosendaal 1966)) are just two of them.

  • Mosaic sofa (I)

    Scattered in the town the same type of mosaic sofas are to be found, too. Here you see two of the most striking ones (we were able to find). The first one has ‘built-in’ graffiti...

  • Mosaic sofa (II)

    ...stripes, thus reducing the chance of wrecking it by real graffiti ‘artists’. Clever! The second one is so beautiful that one can only hope for common sense among the graffiti elite.

Gouda has a genuine little pottery industry, too. We discovered this superb chess set in a shop window along the (road) Hoge Gouwe (Trudy Otterspeer). Price for the entire set: € 1.950,00, vat included. A total of 116 elements, 32 chess pieces, 64 separate squares (the chessboard) and a 20-piece decorative border - all painted by hand, glazed and fired/hardened in the ceramic kiln at 1.045 degrees. The chess pieces can also be ordered separately, in other colours as well. Price per piece € 50,00 (Including vat. Phew.) Now we are fantasizing about money and space. And a chess table...

  • Turfmarkt (I)

    The town’s Turfmarkt is really utterly pretty. (Already visible in the background of the second picture of the mosaic sofas.) The houses, almost all of them with different frontage; the majority of them either ‘Rijksmonument’ or ‘just’ ‘Monument’. More or less halfway there’s the ‘Trappenbrug’...

  • Turfmarkt (II)

    ...(stair bridge). The height of the bridge was necessary during the peat-era, when peat-ships had to pass the bridge to be unloaded further on. The bridge has, apart from the sidewalk, ten steps on each side. (This is for the few hair-splitters among our readers.) We counted them!

  • ‘Street furniture’

    This kind of advertising is not uncommon. The suggestion, though, is amusing. A Dutch saying is ‘Opgeruimd staat netjes’ (cleaned up is neat). This one is a...

  • A hairdresser

    ...variation on it: ‘OpgerAAPT staat netjes’ (picked up is neat). Furthermore we liked this name ‘Het Hoofdkantoor’ (the head-office) for a hairdresser. Well found!

The mill ‘De Roode Leeuw’, dating from the 18th century, alongside the harbour containing historic ships. It is a, still working, flour mill. See: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Roode_Leeuw. In Dutch admittedly, but a short English-spoken video is included.

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 0 minutes (0,0 hours). We did not move.

Generator this week 0 (zero) hours. Shore-power!

Weather: summer, sometimes too hot! (Luckily, the dog did swim a few times, see the picture.) Yesterday some thunderstorms – not as bad as elsewhere, lucky us.

Hope to see you next week again!