Bodegraven - Uithoorn

Sorry, we have to break a (semi-)promise, namely that we would tell more about Gouda. Unfortunately, we don't have the time/space for that. So that has to wait for the next opportunity. As compensation here's a last photo, mainly because of the name of the bridge: Noodgodsbrug (Emergencygodsbridge (???)). The Tolhuis discussed earlier is visible in the background.

After good friends of ours arrived to be our guests for 5 days, Bodegraven was left on Monday the 28th of June at 12:04PM. We cruised the lovely Oude Rijn for over an hour and just before Woerden turned left onto the Grecht waterway. The marina 'De Grecht' was reached shortly after that and we decided to have an overnight stop there. The engine was silenced at 1:30PM. We thought to be inside Woerden but discovered that we have been in what is officially Kamerik.

Sunset as seen from our overnight stay. Time: 9:28PM.

Woerden/Kamerik was left behind the next morning, Tuesday the 29th, at 10:08AM. A bit over 2 hours later we had to negotiate the lock 'Woerdens Verlaat'. Although there's a very sharp bend when leaving the lock it was not that special. The specialty was the lock-keeper, who told the (female) captain that 'he did not possess a smell clog but was wearing a (filthy, ed.) hat and we might put a euro inside it'... After emphatically telling him that we never, repeat: never, have paid for passing a lock we paid him eventually one lousy euro.

That day we cruised almost 3 hours in total, first the 'Grecht", followed (after the lock) by the 'Kromme Mijdrecht'. We ended up close to Mijdrecht/Wilnis. The engine stopped running at 1:05PM. Because of the abundant vegetation it was not easy to make an acceptable picture. You'll have to settle for this.


Sure enough, sailing again the next day. Visitors want to see something, that's why. We started the engine at 11:40AM and sailed the rest of the Kromme Mijdrecht, at 1:00PM followed by the river Amstel, which we sailed upstream. At about 1:30PM we stopped at Vrouwenakker - as it turned out almost exactly under the flight path to one of the runways at Schiphol Airport. That's do-able for one night, but imagine you live there!

While making the short video, shown before this picture, we noticed our watchful dog Jay observing the events in front of him.

We left Vrouwenakker (and its noise) on Thursday the 1st of July at 11:55AM, this time cruising downstream. Our intended destination, Uithoorn, was reached at 1:00PM – so not much over an hour later. We intend to relax here on Friday, followed by our guests being picked up on Saturday by one of their friends. We are seen here in front of Uithoorn’s lively quay, full of nightlife. There are shops within walking distance, too. Moreover shore-power and water through the well working AanUit-system. It’s all (rather expensive) luxury! Tomorrow (Monday) we plan to leave. Where to? We'll decide that tomorrow, maybe on the way. In any case, we will avoid the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam.

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 6 hours and 6 minutes (6,1 hours). Monday 1,5 hours, Tuesday 1,7, Wednesday 1,8 and Thursday 1,1 hours.

Generator this week 3 hours and 24 minutes (3,4 hours). Not always shore-power. Besides: more telly than usual; Euro 2020 (football).

Weather: variable.

(The photo on the right is a proof of the fact that sometimes boat owners are irresponsible dog owners. On the pontoon, mind you!!)

Hope to see you next week again!