Uithoorn - Haarlem

Because it's our female half's birthday today, we limit this week's activities to a panoramic photo of where we are now. It is on the (Donkere) Spaarne inside the city of Haarlem. It's not just another city, no, there's every reason to visit. History, museums, shops, outdoor cafés – you name it. After permission from a bridge-keeper we are allowed to stay alongside a quay that is normally reserved for hotel-boats. We are flanked by two of them; it’s not that busy yet.

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 10 hours and 0 minutes (10,0 hours). Monday Uithoorn – Oude Meer, 4,4 hours, Tuesday Oude Meer – Aalsmeer 0,25, and Friday Aalsmeer – Haarlem 5,35 hours.

Generator this week 3 hours and 36 minutes (3,6 hours). Only shore-power in Haarlem. Besides: more telly than usual; still Euro 2020 (football).

Haha. See right next to this text. Seen while walking the dog. Mind you: the droppings are not our dog’s. (We know we published a picture about dog's dropping last week already. This one is too funny to skip. The last one for the time being.)

Weather: summery – hardly any rain.


Hope to see you next week again! 


11.07.2021 15:42


Geniet van iedere minuut in het mooie en gezellige Haarlem. We horen nog wel hoe jullie vanuit Uithoorn in Haarlem gekomen zijn.

11.07.2021 17:27

Diny & Simon

Ja, dat genieten was hier niet moeilijk! Morgenochtend, na 3 nachten, weer weg. We voeren Uithoorn - Nieuwe Meer, NM - Aalsmeer en A'meer - Haarlem.