Gouda (II)

  • Mallegatsluis (I)

    When entering/leaving Gouda a possibility (the best, we think) is passing the Mallegatsluis. The first picture is taken towards the town, the second towards the river Hollandsche IJssel – being tidal alongside Gouda. See https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mallegatsluis. Translation: ‘The Mallegatsluis is a lock with lifting doors between the Hollandsche IJssel and the Turfsingel (peat girth/moat), one of the canals that surround the Dutch city of Gouda, province of South Holland. The fairway is...

  • Mallegatsluis (II)

    ...CEMT Class I. The lock is 45.00 m long, 7.85 m wide, threshold depth inside NAP -2.50 m, Hollandsche IJsselside NAP -3.10 m. The vertical clearance is limited to NAP +4.65 m due to the lifting doors and the fixed bridge after the lock in the direction of the IJssel. The maximum permitted dimensions are 45.00 m long, 7.50 m wide and a draft of 2.10 m. This lock has been moved and renovated several times over the centuries. The Mallegatsluis is recognized as a municipal monument.’

  • Moored ship?

    During our daily walk with the dog a section of a bridge comes into view that deceptively makes one...

  • Bridge!

    ...think of a moored boat. It’s the bridge (name?) near De Chocoladefabriek (chocolate factory).

Alongside the Blekerssingel (bleachers girth/moat) well, in fact scattered all over the town, one finds stately mansions – ‘witnesses of a rich past’ you could say. Unfortunately a significant part of it is severely sagging. As mentioned before, this is a big problem for this municipality.

Barrel organ

The Netherlands would not be the Netherlands if, especially during the weekends, a barrel organ were missing. Note the 'mansbakje' extended with a stick, thus, along with an arm, reaching the required COVID-19 distance of 1,5 meters (5 feet). For an explanation of ‘mansbakje’ see https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centenbak_(geld). Translation: ‘A penny tray or ‘mansbakje’ is a tray with which coins can be collected, mainly used by people who earn their living with a barrel organ on the street. They often rattle along with the beat of the music. The barrel organ has almost disappeared from the streets, but you can still find some, especially in the (big) cities.’ ‘Mansbakje’ derives from the (Dutch) verb ‘mansen’, meaning ‘raising money (by street musicians)’.

(Desiderius) Erasmus, born around 1466/67 – passed away in 1536, was born in Rotterdam – or maybe in Gouda. In any case, he spent (an important part of?) his childhood in Gouda. There are quite a few 'Erasmus traces' to be found in Gouda. This is one of his sayings: 'Foolishness prolongs youth and wards off old age'. That's how it is!

The sign-text says ‘Bicycle shed full? Cycle on for a bit’. It does not indicate where to. Hahahaha. Note the load of moored boats inside de Kattensingel (cats girth/moat). Double breasted is no exception; it’s the school-holiday period. We are inside the Turfsingel, as boats/ships over 12 metres (40 feet) and/or 12 tonnes are not allowed inside the Kattensingel. We have the impression that sometimes the rules are being broken. We are too conspicuous to trifle: 18 meters and 33 tons.

Superfluously the 'proof' of Gouda’s huge popularity. Two boats with two others breasted up to them. By the way, one has to tolerate a breasting up boat/ship by law – at least inside The Netherlands. But you should have to feed them who start swearing when you come near their ‘sanctuary’...

Summer delights.

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Weather: mostly summer, but not too hot – just what we prefer.

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