Gouda (III)

Simply caused by a lack of inspiration there’s no 'normal sized' new blog this week. We’re feeling really sorry about this. The situation is partly caused by the fact that we’re still in lovely Gouda aka ‘the cheese capital of the world’. The plan is to leave on the 27th of August – that is coming Friday. Although the route will be the same as the way towards Gouda - of course in the opposite direction - we expect to be able to surprise you. After all, the circumstances will be different - think direction, mood, weather, new places to stay overnight. One issue nevertheless deserves our attention. Three years ago in Germany we met the couple John and Bets Ansing on their ship 'Andante'. With some the contact is maintained – as is the case with these two. To our great surprise they passed Gouda yesterday (Saturday the 21st of Augusts 2021) and immediately attached their ship to ours. We had a very enjoyable afternoon and evening. John is a great saxophone player. See the video below - but especially week (28 and) 29 in 2018!!

John Ansing playing his soprano-saxophone (in 2018 it was the tenor-sax).

This week’s statistics.

Engine ran during 0 hours and around 18 minutes (0,3 hours, to and fro a water-tap).

Generator: 0 hours. 

Weather: mostly summer, but not too hot – some welcome(?) showers.

Hope to see you next week again!