Montfoort - Jutphaas (north Nieuwegein)

  • Parelhoender

    Still in Montfoort, when walking the dog -passing the pet zoo- we spotted these parelhoenders.

  • Guineafowl

    They reminded us very strongly of guineafowl we saw when visiting South Africa some three years back.

We left Montfoort on Tuesday the 31st of August, the last day of this year without an r included in its name. Departure timer: 11:45 AM. After 1,5 hours of cruising we arrived at IJsselstein, where we never stopped before. This time we did. Here we are, alongside the IJsselkade, as seen from the 100% manually operated drawbridge.

After visiting a former colleague, not seen for decades, we left IJsselstein the next day at 12:02PM. We had an exhausting (not really) cruise of ¾ hour and moored on the waterway ‘Doorslag’ in Jutphaas (north Nieuwegein), in front of Nieuwegein’s huge town hall, evenly huge theater and even bigger mall ‘City Plaza’.

On a ‘walkable’ distance is fort Jutphaas situated. We already wrote about this peaceful part of Jutphaas (north Nieuwegein) when the season was still young – 15 weeks ago to be exact. Therefore this time a picture of the utterly peaceful surrounding of the fort(ress’). This is its moat.

A bit of free publicity now. On Friday the 3rd of September we ‘did’ the fort-Jutphaas-walk again and decided to have lunch at ‘Celine’ – a restaurant that is situated within the fort. It was closed 15 weeks back, due to renovation, respectively COVID-19. Well, it was nothing less than a real taste sensation! Go there if you can. (We, accompanied by our dog, sat outside where one can read the word ‘blijft’. Not in the moat, to be absolutely clear.)

When walking towards or from the fort(ress) a house named ‘Veellust’ comes in sight. We understand ‘Veelust’ (cattle pleasure(???) but not ‘Veellust’ (much lust??). For your understanding: vee = cattle, veel = much and lust = lust. (You’re welcome.) The name ‘Veelust’ is not unusual, but ‘Veellust’???

This week’s statistics.

The same position as the 3rd picture, this time as seen from a nearby bridge. We are traveling in the opposite direction but prefer starboard to step on and off our little ship. Moreover we are able to turn in the wide part of the waterway, visible in the foreground.

Engine ran during 2 hours and 12 minutes. Tuesday 1,5 hours, Wednesday 0,7 hours.

Generator: almost 7 hours again. We were nowhere connected to shore-power. 

Weather: mainly a very enjoyable Indian summer.

Hope to see you next week again!