Nederhorst den Berg (Wijdemeren) – Huizen

Interesting (see last week) Nederhorst den Berg was left behind on Monday the 20th of September 2021 at 10:38AM. Speaking from memory we encountered two bridges spanning the river Vecht. The first one was high enough to pass smoothly, unlike the second one. This second one, already within Weesp and named the Lange- of Vechtbrug (Long- or Vechtbridge) must be lifted for boats of our seize. Since Weesp’s bridge-keeper serves 4 bridges -(this one and 3 other ones bridging the waterway Smal Weesp (Smal = narrow)) by biking up and down between the four- we had to bide our time. It was funny, not only to see a narrowboat-like (what they call in the UK a widebeam), but seeing her pass the bridge imperturbable.

After passing three more bridges and having noticed that Weesp’s centre was entirely occupied we moored inside Smal Weesp at 12:25PM. Since we have been there at the beginning of the season as well -see Week 16, the last picture- there’s not a lot to tell about it. However, behind us a familiar ship, ‘Bolivar’, was moored. This ship hibernated with us in Amersfoort during the winter 2019/20. So our female half rushed over to greet these ‘fellow Amersfoorters’. It turned out to be somewhat disappointing: Ton & Annemieke, the owners we still know from Amersfoort, turned out to have sold 'Bolivar' due to health reasons. The current owners told her to be very happy ones. Duly noted – so to speak!

  • Vecht’s mouth

    After leaving Weesp the next morning at 9:45AM. The river Vecht was completed after some five quarters of an hour -Muiden’s sea-lock included- and this is what one sees when entering the IJmeer. Providing the wind is not blowing too severe, that is. Almere, the new city inside the new polder/province Flevoland, soon looms...

  • Almere

    ...on the opposite after this lake has been entered. Almere perhaps is comparable to Milton Keynes in the UK, indeed both cities founded during the second half of the last century. After passing the huge, high bridge connecting Flevoland with the province Noord-Holland the IJmeer was followed by the Gooimeer.

We decided to have an overnight stop inside the artificial island ‘De Schelp’ (the shell). It’s surrounded by an enormous expanse of water, forming the Gooimeer – a part of the Randmeren which, in turn, originated when the new polder/province was ‘taken’ from the Zuiderzee. For more about ‘De Schelp’ we refer to (only in Dutch, but very enlightening about its shape (2 parts).

An atmospheric photo, taken on Wednesday the 22nd at 8:06AM when walking the dog. A sailing ship is anchored between the two 'shells' that make up the island.

This morning, Sunday the 26th of September, we left at 10:07AM after the island-administrator emphasized yesterday-evening that one’s allowed to moor inside the island only 3 x 24 hours. Since we had been there 5(!) nights it was impossible to argue with the (kind) man. (Remember: We initially considered one night…) We were rewarded this morning at 10:23AM with this view towards the former coast. The colours! The water! Simply magic.

Huizen’s harbour was entered a bit over an hour later. The engine stopped running at 11:17AM. Later on we were forced to move a bit further down the harbour, because it appeared we had taken a spot that was already reserved. Well, no problem. We even could do extensively shopping. This is the place we are now – for one night. ‘De Fietsboot’ (the bicycle boat), during the summer season sailing between Amersfoort and either Huizen or Spakenburg, just leaves for Amersfoort. This service (especially for walkers and bikers) starts the 1st of April (we believe) and ends the 15th of October (we are sure). We hibernate more ore less at the end/beginning in Amersfoort of this service.

This week’s statistics

When searching, by walking the dog, for the harbour-mistress this morning his car caught our eye: a Trabant! With towbar...

Engine ran during 5 hours and 42 minutes (5,7 hours). Monday 1,5, Tuesday 3,0 and Sunday(!) 1,2 hours.

Generator: 8,2 hours. Caused by the island, of course. In Weesp and today: shore power. 

Weather: still good weather, often sunny.

Hope to see you next week again!