This is the view close to our hibernating harbour towards Amersfoort’s medieval centre. Not bad, we’d say.

Don't you think that it always must be dull in Amersfoort! There's an Irish couple hibernating, too, and on the 17th of March it is St. Patrick's Day (Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig). We were all invited to celebrate next to their good ship 'Aquarelle'. They must have prepared it for several days; we were really unable to consume all they had created! From left to right on the pontoon: André, Fred, Mike (the host with the funny high hat), Jos, a visitor from the neighbourhood, her husband, Simon (with the green little hat), Mady, Dennis, Richard (hardly visible) and Nico D. On the roof: Saskia, Hilda, Tineke and Diny. It was a great succes!

Did they have a good time on the roof! Saskia, Hilda, Tineke and Diny. Cheers!

Credits to Rosaleen, the hostess: once again presenting goodies to the ladies on the roof. Nico D. on the foreground. And we see Iris, in the green (of course) coat in the background.

The day before Lá Fhéile Pádraig we had a sort of farewell-dinner for all hibernators at a nearby Sushi-restaurant. Although it was not all trouble-free, it certainly was worth repeating it next year. The ‘icing on the cake’, however was a walking-dinner on the 19th. Participators: ‘Tiberius’, ‘Hebbes’, ‘Avontuur’, ‘Isla de la Risa’, ‘Red Rose’ and ‘Fortuna’. That’s six couples, just what we are all able to accommodate on our individual ships. Here we see the interior of ‘Avontuur’ where delicious soup was served and Tineke (on the piano) and Aad (on the classic guitar) us surprised with their music. (Tineke and yours truly play together, too, on a regular basis; she on her piano/organ, me on my oboe.) Visible from left to right: Ria, Ad, Nico vd K., Iris, Simon, Diny, Hilda and Saskia. Richard and Jos are supposedly seated at the photographer-position.

By the way: during the walking dinner one only has to carry one's own drinking glass. As shown here by two of the female participants.

Before ‘Avontuur’ a sensational amuse was served on ‘Tiberius’, followed by a great appetizer (despite a broken down fridge) on ‘Hebbes’. Here we see the interior of ‘Hebbes’. From left to right: Hilda(‘s dress and arms), Ad, Tineke, Simon, Diny, Iris, Nico vd K.(‘s upper head) and Jos. Aad, Ria, Richard and Saskia are sitting on the other side of the living room.

On ‘Red Rose’ the main course, another work of art (main ingredient rice, name??) was savoured by everyone. This is ‘Red Rose’'s interior. From left to right Nico vd K., Tineke, Ria, Iris, Simon and Aad. The other ‘group-members’ are on the unphotographed opposite side of the living room.

The dessert (‘toetje’ in Dutch), on board of ‘Fortuna’ was ‘to eat your fingers with it, too’. It was, in one word: delicious. For the recipe: No pictures from the inside of ‘Tiberius’, Isla de la Risa’ and ‘Fortuna’. We simply cannot ‘do’ them all, the layout of those three beauties had to do with it, too.

Rain, hail, and... snow

Sometimes the weather is a bit harsh on us. Just sometimes. The view as shown on the first picture is hardly visible here (this was the 1st of April!!).


18.04.2022 07:20

Hilda Kuilen, van de

Nice! Het was fijn om de winter weer met jullie door te brengen! We hopen de Hebbes & crew weer te zien in november. Fijne zomer 😘

18.04.2022 14:37

Diny & Simon

Dank je wel, Hilda. De gevoelens zijn geheel wederzijds xx.