Amersfoort - Amersfoort (v/h Hoogland)

With the turn of the month from March to April everyone wants to be on the move again. The first one was ‘Tiberius’, crewed by Aad and Ria Trompert. Here they go, on the 25th of March, on their way to the Baltic Sea, no less! Bon voyage! (The quality of the picture is diminished by the strong backlight. Sorry’.)

They were followed, under foggy conditions, on the 28th of March the by ‘Avontuur’, crewed by Ad Verroen, Tineke Heek, Martijn Sier and Peter Sier. Ad & Tineke are, like us, opera-lovers. So occasionally we organise opera-evenings. Tineke not only is an accomplished singer herself, she plays the piano/organ together with other music-players in our harbour during the winter. Among them yours truly on the baroque oboe. They travel to Haskerdijken, Friesland. Safe travels!

‘Red Rose’, crewed by Nico and Hilda van de Kuilen, left on the 3rd of April. We planned to make a picture, but were too late – due tot another boat for which the bridge had to be opened. Therefore, ‘Red Rose’ left a bit earlier than expected. We could just catch her bum. Since her crew has not yet retired, they are permanently moored in another port (Strand Horst) in the summer and have a 'normal' holiday. Of course we sympathize with them… See you in October!

Here 'Fortuna' departs on the 8th of April with Jos and Iris Meijer at the wheel. Their first destination: Volendam. Have fun - and fare well. They were new during last winter and vowed to come back next winter. Please do! © Richard Aartse

Sure enough, 'Hebbes' eventually left too, on 14 April 2022. Crew: Simon & Diny - and of course their dog Jay. The ultimate destination is Friesland, where hopefully their ship will be painted over both above and below water level. For the time being, as usual, they sail at their leisure. © Saskia Pot

‘Thalassa’left on the 17th, manned by Erik van Leusden, Henny Simons, probably one of their kids and, of course, Spike the dog. We’re told that they will return within a few days. If true we will see them again, because we are still on the pretty river Eem. They hibernated for the first time in Amersfoort, too. And they, too, will return the coming winter. Please do (bis)! © Richard Aartse

Our first -and current- stop. Next to the Malesluis/bridge. Ideal for walking, cycling and relaxing. As the photo shows this place was very popular during Easter. There is even a boat 'illegally' moored. Do you see which one? By the way, we miss the also left 'Rianne' (Marianne Roeleveld) - she left unannounced; 'Basta' (Andre and Mady Roolfs) - photographer had other commitments; and 'Domino' (Nico Doornbos) - too late for a photo. Wishing all good sailing. Some ships didn’t move up till today (Easter-Sunday): ‘Mardan’ (Ries van Leeuwen), ‘Bertillac’ (Tony Davies and Fred McDonald), ‘Contessa’ (Dennis Jansen), ‘PC’ (Andrew van Olmen) and ‘Isla de la RiSa’ (Riacherd Aartse and Saskia Pot). Some of them will sail later, some others will probably stay in Amersfoort.

This week’s statistics.

And now something completely different. On the footpath next to our ship we found the head of a pigeon. Completely undamaged, albeit clearly separated from the body, which was untraceable. A bit sinister, such a find, don't you think?


Engine ran during 1 hour, a trial/preheat period of 0,25 hours before leaving included – only on Thursday.

We ‘bridged’ somewhat over 6 kilometres (less than 4 miles).  

Generator this week over 1,2 hours, mainly to power the washing machine.

Weather: not bad, loads of sunshine – but the sometimes ice-cold south-east wind only left today (= Monday).

Hope to see you next week again! 


25.04.2022 11:37


Leuk dat jullie iedereen hebben benoemd en de “reunie”. met Pasen ook leu om te zien.

26.04.2022 06:54

Diny & Simon

't Is een, langzamerhand, vriendengroep geworden.

19.04.2022 16:13


Mooi overzicht van de vertrekkende schepen Simon!

19.04.2022 16:15


Dank je, Aad. Niet het origineelste, maar ik wil rustig starten .