Amersfoort (Hoogland) - Harderwijk

  • Mila Meijer

    Every dog on board was named last week. Well, every... One was not mentioned, and that was Mila, Jos' and Iris' (‘Fortuna’) female Cocker Spaniel (right?). The reason is simple: we hadn't properly memorized her name.

  • Jay Mocking

    So here it is. While we're at it, here is a recent portrait photo of our male Australian Shepherd named Jay. We are very happy with him and moreover proud of him. NB: Click to enlarge - and see these super-pets in full(er) glory!

  • ‘Bertillac’ (1)

    ‘Bertillac’ left Amersfoort, also temporarily, on the 18th of April (the 2nd day of Easter – at least in The Netherlands), around 11:00 AM. Crew: Tony, Fred and their dog Shoga. Yes, we verified the dog’s name!! © Richard Aartse According to our trustworthy telephone/camera around 1:30PM -so after 2,5 hours(!!)- we were able to...

  • ‘Bertillac’ (2)

    make a picture of ‘Bertillac’ passing the pedestrian/bicycle bridge named Malebrug (brug = bridge). So what we, recognized ‘snails’ after all, did in less than an hour was lightning fast compared to them. Having said this, they possibly had to wait at a bridge or simply stopped on the way to walk their dog or something.

That same afternoon, on the 18th of April, co-hibernators Richard and Saskia (‘Isla de le RiSa’), and their two dogs (names???), surprised us with a much appreciated visit, using their dinghy for transport. Here they are visible on the way back to Amersfoort. So you can imagine how close it was.

On Tuesday the 19th of April we left the Malesluis (Amersfoort/Hoogland) somewhat after 9:00AM. Pretty early, as we were planning to go reach Zeewolde and the weather-conditions were admittedly favourable albeit the wind was expected to be strong. When we saw an available mooring spot, still on the river Eem, close to Eemnes we decided to stop and did so already at 10:18AM. As we were there before we decided to cross the river and take a picture from the opposite bank. Therefore we needed to use the ferryboat at Eemdijk. We went by bike, accompanied by Jay, the dog. The latter was allowed to cross for free.

This is the poor result because of (a) the distance and (b) using the telephoto function on the phone. Our little ship, moored on the river, is visible, it is true, but the background is heavily distorted. Compare, for instance, the little white buildings on the left and the farmstead in the middle of the picture to the next picture.

A panoramic photo of the view we had from our little ship to the east. This picture gives a good impression of the stunning vista. The polder is still fairly wet. We accidentally, on the ferry, met the president of the local bird watchers association and had a short conversation with him. He told us that the polder is wet on purpose and that it is the only(!) spot in The Netherlands where the Black-tailed Godwit- (Grutto) and Lapwing- (Kievit) population are expanding. We’ve seen (and heard!) the two already mentioned birds, the Oystercatcher (Scholekster), Geese, Ducks – and more. It’s really fascinating!

It’s ideal there for walking our dog – or even going out by bike with the dog. Again, sorry for the quality of the picture.

Eemnes was eventually left behind on Thursday the 21st. We left early, at 8:46AM because the wind force forecast still didn't bode well. We cruised the river Eem, the Eemmeer, the Nijkerkernauw, tackled the Nijkerkersluis (sluis = lock), cruised the Nuldernauw and a tiny part of the Wolderwijd. At 12:32PM we could switch off the engine, after mooring in Zeewolde’s aanloophaven (port of call??), see the picture. The wind was strong but most of the time, in particular the Nijkerkernauw, headwind. Our ship is quite sensitive to crosswinds – to say the least, so we try to avoid this situation whenever we can.

When we had been in Zeewolde, a not too interesting place but excellent for shopping, for two nights we left on Saturday the 23rd. As the wind-forecast was still a bit unfavourable and we had to cross the wide, open, Wolderwijd, we already left at 7:54AM. Here’s a rear-view of the Wolderwijd when on the way. The waves, sometimes crested(?) and the waving flag give an indication of the circumstances.

Fortunately everything went better than we had anticipated and we moored in Harderwijk at 8:48AM. The day had yet to begin, so to speak!

Next to us is a little ‘hill’, which is very popular with geese. As you can see, they are very successful multipliers. For us it’s almost an art to avoid stepping on their droppings. The’re everywhere!

We had been in Harderwijk for the last time two years ago. It was the infamous Corona-period then, the town was more or less deserted. Now, two years further on, the tourists are back, the outdoor cafés are loaded and the council has laid out a large park. It is a great pleasure to walk there. Some parts are still off limits because it is not yet possible to walk on the grass. As you can see, the heroes who perished in World War II have not been forgotten.

Harderwijk’s city wall. Sometimes used as the outer wall of houses as well.

To our surprise we also discovered a beautiful park. Later that day we ate 'kibbeling' (made from cod cheeks). Delicious! Today we passed right by this water, cycling with the dog. We saw large white fish (carp?) swimming.

This week’s statistics.


Our rear view on Saturday. We already showed it to a limited group of people – now to the entire world. Sunset over the Wolderwijd. Just gorgeous.

Engine ran during 5,8 (348 minutes) hours, Tuesday 1,2 (72 minutes), Thursday 3,7 (222 minutes), Saturday 0,9 (54 minutes) hours.

Generator this week over 1,4 hours.

Weather: not bad, loads of sunshine – but the sometimes ice-cold north-east wind only left today (= Sunday).

Hope to see you next week again! 


01.05.2022 19:20

Iris Meijer

Wat leuk om jullie op deze manier te volgen. Heb gelachen om de foto van Mila.

01.05.2022 19:58

Diny & Simon

Mila verdiende deze rehabilitatie! Vonden wij.

25.04.2022 11:30

Tineke Heek

Heerlijk om te lezen zo bekend en vol herinneringen voor ons.

26.04.2022 06:50


Ja, Harderwijk hééft 't (ook).

24.04.2022 15:47

Aad en Ria

Én de oude universiteit met bijbehorende tuin. Zo leuk Harderwijk!

25.04.2022 08:02

Simon & Diny

Jaja, Harderwijk altijd goed!! Morgen Elburg. Veel plezier in Lübeck - and beyond!

24.04.2022 15:46

Aad en Ria

Leuk om jullie blog te lezen. Wij lagen in maart op hetzelfde plekje in Harderwijk. Met mooi uitzicht!
Zijn jullie al in het museum van Marius van Dokkum geweest? Zo lieflijk. Groetjes uit Lübeck!

25.04.2022 08:00


Marius van Dokkum! Eén van, met name, Diny's favorieten. Zij heeft het museum eerder met een vriendin bezocht. Jay belet ons om samen te gaan...